Ashya King's mother in the newspaper before

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  • blondie

    Parent of brain tumour boy Ashya King hit the headlines when living in Milton Keynes

    The now-famous mum of brain tumour boy Ashya King hit the headlines here in Milton Keynes when she was pregnant with him, the Citizen can exclusively reveal.

    Determined Nagmeh King donned a placard over her six- month bump and paraded the streets in a bikini during a battle with a private school five years ago.

    She and her husband, who braved arrest to get the right treatment for Ashya, lived next door to the Grove Independent School on Redland Drive, Loughton, for several years, and were prominent members of the city’s Jehovah’s Witness community.

    A war of words involving lawyers, council official and even police erupted when the school chopped down a boundary hedge, which the Kings insisted was theirs.

    The row had rumbled on for five years without any resolution until 2009, when then-mum-of-five Mrs King took matters into her own hands.

    “I have walked outside the school with my placards between 8am and 9am every morning,” she told the Citizen at the time.

    “I’m not protesting – I’m just spreading the word as a Jehovah’s Witness should.”

    Other parents complained as she mounted one protest dressed only in her underwear. But Mrs King insisted she was wearing a bikini.

    “It’s not shameful or wrong to wear a bikini when you’re pregnant,” she said.

    A neighbour said: “It is a crazy sight –a half naked pregnant woman protesting outside a private school.”

    The Kings, who described themselves as missionaries at the time, became even angrier when they replaced the hedge with a fence – and the school removed it, saying it was on their land.

    The family was accused of dumping rotting rubbish on the disputed boundary line, hanging washing outside the window of school head Deborah Berkin, and playing loud music during school hours.

    Milton Keynes Council confirmed it had been called out several times by the school over dumping, while environmental health officials were monitoring the music levels.

    Mrs King vowed she would continue to fight, saying: “The school had no right to take away our privacy.”

    Three months later little Ashya was born.

    Today Jehovah’s Witnesses across the city are remembering the family fondly and praying for Ashya’s treatment to be a success.

    Meanwhile neighbours who once watched Mrs King’s bikini protests are full of admiration for her courage in defying the NHS.

    One said: “She is a woman not scared of doing battle. And on this occasion, when she is fighting for her son’s life, we have every respect for her.”

    Mr and Mrs King are currently in Prague with Ashya waiting for him to begin his proton beam therapy.

    The couple were arrested after taking him out of Southampton hospital last month because the NHS treatment could not cure him.

  • nicolaou

    Blondie, it's your call of course but is it necessary to leave this post up? I posted the story when it happened some years ago but I'd hate some reporter trawling through here to splash this over the news right now. Brett and Nagmeh have enough on their plate. Thanks x

  • jgnat

    I see that blondie has reported a current article about this history. What gives me the chills is the possibility of Munchausen's.

  • nicolaou

    Yes I see that now jgnat. My apologies Blondie, I thought you were rehashing old news. Was it really worth this MK news site bringing this back up?

  • blondie

    It pays to read the news article and give me credit for not rehashing old news unless there is something dramatically new. I found it interesting and helpful to see what this woman has done before the incident with regard to her child. Pretty weird even considering my 60 years with the WTS. Not worth to you evidently to post it, but then you are one among many on this board where much, much worse has been posted.


  • Simon

    I think it helps set some context, especially with regard to their outlook and approach to things including authority.

  • ShirleyW

    Sounds like they're not exactly wrapped to tight, which is quite widespread in the Borg.

    If it is Munchausen's like Jgnat is thinking that is sad.

  • cofty

    Ashya is not dying. He had a sucessful operation. His odds of long-term survival are around 80% if he gets the adjuctive therapy that the doctors who know Ashya best want to begin as soon as possible. The parents have been told by the doctors and by an independent panel that proton therapy is not appropriate for his specific circumstances.

    It looks like a pattern of stereotypical "us v them" JW mentality.

  • jgnat

    "us vs them" on steroids.

  • Simon

    Not just "us vs them", it's more "us vs them ... and the people behind them, oh, don't pretend they're not there - we know, WE KNOW. No, we won't go away and don't you dare say we're at all obsessive. We know best, about everything see - God picked us, we're special and you're all going to die soon so why should we do as you say? We don't need to try and fit in with this doomed society ..."

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