Where is the "worship" at the KH? Maybe I missed it.

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  • prologos

    particularly the 'service',- should be 'worship'- meeting. a pure unrealistic training session out of the fuller-brush age.

    training for bible studies that no sane intelligent person at the door would tolerate,

    how many sections of toilet paper to use at assemblies. and then the abysmal songs.

    truly abysmal songs. 133.

    Glorious religious music is one single time when worship comes close to touching the divine, and wt has gotten as far away as it can in it's meetings.

    Wt meetings do definitely not meet the definition of worship.

  • Quendi

    Many years ago a circuit overseer I deeply respected told me that the kingdom hall was not a 'center for true worship' in the community because what actually took place there was education and not worship. Worship in Bible times really took place at the Temple in Jerusalem. Even the local synagogues were more concerned with reading the scriptures and discussing them rather than formally worshiping God. I thought that was a curious, albeit accurate, depiction of what actually takes place at Witness religious gatherings. The larger meetings are nothing more than amplifications of what the smaller kingdom hall gatherings do.

    I think most Witnesses would be very uncomfortable at a typical church service because the focus at many of them is on God and not man. People are directed to look inside themselves and ask how they feel about their relationship with God and their fellow humans. Seldom is that done at the kingdom hall unless it is in a manipulative and degrading way. I very much doubt most Witnesses could answer the question of what the worship of God or the following of Christ really means.


  • smiddy

    You walk into a Catholic / C.O.E. church it is solemn ,quiet , respectful , at least it was when I last visited such places , however when you walk into a K.H. your not quite sure whether you have just entered a supermarket or a kids playground.


  • Laika

    I always liked singing 'we thank you Jehovah' at the end of the convention, which always felt like worship. Until they updated the song and ruined it...

  • Pinku

    I agree with OneEyedJoe

  • joyfulfader

    There were some songs from the old song book that made me feel like I was worshipping. Fortunately I left not long after the release of the dreadful new songbook and was not subjected to those horrible compositions for very long. I remember standing there with no one singing because the melody and word combinations were impossible. I read music very well and would try, but the arrangements are so awkward and unmeaningful....they destroyed many songs that I had a fondness for.

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