It's my birthday today

by Bruja-del-Sol 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • frogonmytoe

    Bruja, I am in Spain too. If you'd like to be in contact, send me a private message. As little or much info as you feel comfortable with. Spain is pretty huge, so chances are we're miles apart!!

    ¬°Feliz Cumple!

  • sillygirlforgotpassword

    Joyeux anniversaire Bruja del Sol :D

    Where in Spain are you at? Cities in Spain are so much livelier, friendlier and heartily fun (not to mention cheaper) than Paris

    I want to celebrate my next birthday in the south of Spain :D

  • designs
  • quellycatface

    Happy Birthday dear Bruja.

    Have some wine and relax with your little family.

    We are your friends, albeit separated from you. Xx

  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    Happy birthday Bruja-del-Sol! Besos...

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    @frogonmytoe: Thanks, you've got a pm!

    @sillygirlforgotpassword: If you come to Southern Spain let me know, I live in the South!

    @designs: Thank you.

    @quellycatface: Thank you quelly, wine is a good idea. Great to have found friends here, love you guys!

    @TJ Curioso: Thanks! Abrazos!

  • humbled

    La Bruja, your namesake and her 8 multi-color chicks send their best wishes-- I will get my daughter's pictures of their hatch to you.

    Life is, well, LIFE. Sometimes sweet and hard at the same time. Happy Birthday!

  • mrquik

    Happy Birthday !!!!!

  • JWdaughter

    Happy Birhday! Feliz anos? eh, I'm in Tejas and no habla espanol. Esperanza tu have grande day con sposa y gatos. Feliz new casa, too!

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    @Humbled (Maeve): aaaah would love to see them! So teeny tiny Bruja has turned into a real chick haha. Thank you for the wishes!

    @mrquik: Thank you!

    @JWdaughter: you're funny LOL, thank you very much. We're so exited about the new house! Gonna start packing this weekend!

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