The TRUE story of a Pedophile

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I like that MauiBoy: “If someone knows what is right to do, and doesn’t do it… it is a sin”

    The GB use the same “get out of jail free card” that their Father & “Mother” use. Are they above the law?

    (Leviticus 5:1) . . .“‘Now in case a soul sins in that he has heard public cursing and he is a witness or he has seen it or has come to know of it, if he does not report it, then he must answer for his error.

    *** w97 8/15p.30WhyReportWhatIsBad?***

    Really, to report wrongdoing is an act of Christian principled love shown toward God, toward the congregation, and toward the wrongdoer.

    Is that really what happens to the ones who report pedophilia? What about those who testify in their defense? What do you read in the WT, vs. what really happens?

    *** w97 8/15p.29 WhyReportWhatIsBad?***

    Today, the vast majority of brothers and sisters in congregations throughout the earth work hard to preserve the spiritual cleanness of the congregation by individually maintaining an approved standing before God. Some suffer to do so; others have even died in order to keep integrity.

    Surely to condone or cover up wrongdoing would show a lack of appreciation for these efforts.

    *** w97 8/15p.28WhyReportWhatIsBad?***

    In his first letter, Paul wrote: “Actually fornication is reported among you, and such fornication as is not even among the nations, … (that a wife a certain man has of his father—1 Corinthians 5:1..)”

    What about pedophilia? Should it not be reported? Is this worse than the nations? How many witnesses think "It is only in my congregation." or "Jehovah will take care of things?" As has been brilliantly noted: Jehovah can take care of the preaching work, but not the children?

    More importantly, what about the "Christian" lawyers who defend the pedophiles in trial? The lawyers who make the victims feel as if they are the bad people?

    *** w85 11/15p.20par.14DoNotShareintheSinsofOthers***

    The psalmist David said: “I have not sat with men of untruth ; and with those who hide what they are I do not come in .” (Psalm 26:4) Surely, then, we would not want to become accomplices of “those who hide what they are.”

    Have you ever listened to the “GB sanctioned lawyers” in a trial?

    Have you ever been disfellowshipped for testifying in a trial?

    If you were a victim, how would you be treated after the trial?

    *** w85 11/15p.20par.14DoNotShareintheSinsofOthers***

    “Surely, then, we would not want to become accomplices of “those who hide what they are.””

    Will you become an accomplice?

  • jgnat

    Enzo, my church requires a criminal record check on all volunteers who will be working with children. All workers also get mandatory training on detecting and reporting abuse, and leadership of children above reproach.

    (There are windows in every classroom door. A hall monitor strolls the hallways during classes.)

    This is voluntary and not required by law but I think very wise.

    As our instructor told us, predators look for innocent organizations where they can operate undetected or ignored. And our youth leader said we would be surprised how many potential volunteers withdrew their interest when they found out a criminal check would be required.

  • Enzo

    Hey ijgnat good evening from Europe,

    this is true, that some organisations, are requiring a criminal record check from their members.. and i am convinced that in the future with all those pedofilia scandals everywhere, in our society, Religion en cults, even if they will use the best lawyers in Courts, that it isn't needed, our Legal system will force to do these checks, and you will see how quick they wiil accept otherwise they will loose a lot of privileges, and a lot of bad publicity, and be more controlled en followed by the governments, And a a lot of Court Cases, where they wiil have to pay a lot of settlements..I hope that this will happen soon, for the protection of our dear children.

  • flipper

    TECH 49- Thanks for posting this thread. A VERY important thread to show how disgusting the WT Society's policies are regarding child abuse and how insensitive, criminal, and arrogant they become just to preserve their alleged shitty reputation. I mean, come on- the WT Society's reputation sucks already- then they just make it worse by trying to hide child molestation !

    If we knew the thousands upon thousands of stories like the one you just described- WT Society would be brought up on charges of criminal negligence in aiding and abetting pedophiles. Because THAT is what they do- plain and simple, while dissing and condemning the victims of child abuse and their families. It's so barbaric, unethical, and criminal that they NEED to be held accountable. So you are right Tech - we all need to shout this stuff out from the rooftops and inform everybody we know. When good people stand by and do nothing - evil proliferates

  • Fernando

    I would not be surprised if the percentage of Pedophiles and cases was higher in the Watchtower than the Catholic Church.

  • cultBgone

    I agree with Fernando. After all,catholics have less priests per congregation than the jws, who have multiple men in positions of absolute power "over the flock" protecting themselves and all other men in the congregation. They have NO morals and heartlessly allow so many children and teens to be abused.

    If they believed in Hell, they'd all be headed there at the top of the list.

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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