The More I Think, The More I Lose Faith In BIBLE!!

by NoMoreHustle 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Spectre

    What would happen now if some guy built an alter and put his son up there and was about to kill him because god told him too?

    I guess this happens all the time in the middle east(killing daughters because they got raped and no longer virgins), but seriously, a lot of stuff in the bible sounds like someone was either on drugs or had some mental issues. Some of the stories are trying to tell some moral that might have made sense at some point....

  • NoMoreHustle

    I appreciate everyone's input on this matter. Everything is kind of cloudy right now about the bible and the stories that I am supposed to put all of this stock in. I amsupposed to believe that all of this really happened & it affects my life in some super powerful way. But it doesn't. Just being honest with myself. NMH

  • konceptual99

    Exactly what I found. Developing some critical thinking skills and losing the cognotive dissonance took me from MS with no major issues to virtual atheist in 6 months.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hey nomorehustle,

    Go to youtube and watch the following channels:

    'messed up bible stories'



    Even a making allowances for some errors or personal interpretation by the creators of those channels, there is no way anyone could still beleive in the bible after watching!

    I LOVE those three channels! So much fun, and so very thought provoking!

  • jemba

    Want a light hearted read and a laugh? I have 6 words for you.....'The Athiests book of bible stories'

  • Heaven

    Abraham Lincoln was able to do what Jesus Christ could not. This says a lot to me.

  • PSacramento

    I really am starting to think that the whole bible thing is really starting to look more like a bunch of little stories contrived by man. Just an opinion & still trying to figure things out for myself. NMH

    The bible was most certinaly written BY Man FOR MAN, there is no gray area there. It was written to POINT the way to God NOT to BE GOD ot take the place of God ( or common sense for that matter). It is a collection of many books and letters, all with differen puposes BUT with the same goal- to give a historical THEOLOGICAL account of God realtionship with people and it is written from the perspective of a small group of people.

    The bible is a fascinationg read because it syas as much BAD about God that it says GOOD !

    It shows how good and bad people are, even more so His chosen people. It plainly mentions even God's fustration with people and peoples frusttration with God !

    Now, some suggest that without the bible people can't know God, this is not true. The bible is simply ONE of the tools we can use.

    Some suggest the bible was just written by man to control other men and so forth BUT if that was the case, then they did a very poor job of it.

    I mean, if YOU were gonna write about a God that you invented, would you write the God you find in the bible?

  • punkofnice

    I really am starting to think that the whole bible thing is really starting to look more like a bunch of little stories contrived by man. Just an opinion & still trying to figure things out for myself. NMH

    The whole thing is a bigger concept than would first appear. You have only scratched below the surface. Believe me. The more you learn and investigate is the more absurd the Bible being god's word becomes.

    Man's word certainly.

  • UFCFan

    I'm with you. When I started thinking I realized how impossible the bible was and that there was zero evidence supporting it. It's a pretty cool story but not anything real behind it.

  • RichardHaley

    Long ago I came to the conclusion that I didn't believe the biblical account of the flood as literal. I knew that archaeological, geological, biological and other evidence does not support the account. My hang up over the years was that Jesus referred to it.

    Life has a way of stalling the thought process, earning a living, raising a family etc. consuming all your time. Now that I am older I have a little more time to actually "think about things." One day, a few years back, it dawned on me that if Jesus was willing to create fictional stories to get his point across (good Samaritan etc.) then why wouldn't he be willing to refer to one created (or plagiarized) by someone else to make a point? This brought up an even bigger debate in my mind, how do you determine what is literal true and what is figurative fiction in the bible?

    You can see where this was headed...

    I started to question everything I had been taught and blindly accepted as "truth" measured against the available evidence. If in the process the Bible falls from being "inspired" to "writings of men" then what is the point of arguing whether or not my religion of birth or any other is the best at following or understand it? One thing the evidence proves is - it is a "tool" that has been and is being used by many groups for their own personal agendas.

    I still believe the Bible has value just saying I look at things a lot different now.

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