Jesus as a Ransom for Humans or not

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  • Heaven

    If the ransom was paid, why are we still suffering and dying? Seems to me this 'ransom' was useless.

  • prologos

    gmjalmt: you wrote: "-- Man's divine nature has been compressed.--" will that compression, pressure be released by "the ransom"? or

    is that why some men,- not women- are so dense? or is this some kind of mafia protection racket, perpetual ransom payment, never showing results?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Even as a child, the Ransom seemed weird. There is no way that Adam and Eve existed. It makes no sense to me. What if Adam and Eve were Neanderthal? Why is knowledge forbidden. How could any humans exist with no culture around them? God demands ransom. I refuse to worship that God.

  • Bugbear


    I am sorry to say that your head is full of hay. Very old reasoning from very early age, demanded sacrifices to mollify the Gods. People took for granted that the Gods were angry with us and that they wanted humans, bullocks, birds, goats to be killed. But think of the moral and etic philosophy behind these thoughts. Think in this way:

    The very GOD has a one borne son who lives nearby him in “the heavens”.

    His Creation down on earth has failed, all people are evil. So he kills everyone (except 8) in order to put everything right again!?

    Creation fails again. He sends prophets to earth to tell them that all humans must repent.

    When humans does not do what he tells them, he order his one borne son to go down to earth and offer his live as a ransom for those who believe his preaching.

    Humans kills his son in a bestial way. They spit on him humiliate him. And when I finally dies he shouts “father forgive them, they don´t know what they are doing.

    And now all humans are in a much better position in front of their God.

    The logic fallacies are quite obvious in the above reasoning. A “father” will not kill no one of his sons. It must be even harder for him to forgive the human race since they obviously did not listen to his one borne son. If he murders his creation in thousands, he is not a good god. He is more like a little boy that destroys his pet, and toys just for fun! It is quite a miracle that not all humans can realize that these thoughts, are coming from very old tribe dogma. Hope that you don’t mind me saying that “all our heads” are stuffed with hay.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    If Jesus' death was the "complete ransom", then his resurrection is unnecessary. It adds nothing to something that is complete.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Who wants to live forever? No children? Everyone the same age - forever and ever and ever?

    What will happen when this galaxy collides with its neighbour?

    Is the fear of death the motivation?


  • Comatose

    I'm not a homophobe, but I don't want Jesus in me. And those sentences about divine nature and Jesus dwelling inside me were coockoo.

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