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  • SAHS


    No, I think it’s more like the aCAPalypse!

    (I’m sort of sorry for the lameness of that one. I just felt that pun was sort of warranted in the circumstances, and therefore sort of funny.)

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  • Oubliette

    blondie: Yes, I got is yelling and rude and does not get the attention he/she wants.

    You're preaching to the choir, blondie!

  • Oubliette

    SAHS: No, I think it’s more like the aCAPalypse!

    That's pretty clever.

  • Gregor

    Helpful for those who hard of hearing.

  • Oubliette

    Gregor: Helpful for those who hard of hearing.

    SNL: News for the Hard of Hearing

  • LisaRose


    Posting everything in all caps

  • blondie
  • objectivetruth

    Steve2 I'll handle this one.. Please step aside.

    I have RECENTLY promoted my self as the Official Rule Maker and Enforcer of all Things JWN.. With this in mind, I will commandeer this thread.

    ADJUSTMENTS - After an intense and thorough examination of a Subset of your Threads, A clear and Undeniable Trend has become manifest.

    • You used all Capital Letters in creating your name, this gives us a Hint that you use Capital Letters when you Support a statement, or you feel fond of it.
    • The first word of your First thread which does not consist of all Capitals is "Mexican" The Second uncapitalized thread is "Marriage" the third is "College" and most telling the 4th usage is "Boob"

    Combining these 4 Titles together we have "Mexicans Married College Boobs." (Your intended message is clear)

    With this infraction you are guilty of 2 JWN Policy Violations.

    1. Yelling at all of the nice Boys and Girls on JWN, by the Usage of all Capital Letters.
    2. Racist,Sexist,Politically Incorrect Hidden Messages.

    It is clear that you have not read the TOU policies on this site, so I'll help you out..

    We hate all Caps, when someone uses all caps it makes us think that you are saying something EXTREMELY Important, something so Important I can't even think of an example right now! Our time is Valuable and we come here for Important Breaking News.. Your Misleading titles derail our focus, and it makes us sad. For this reason, you will not be permitted to use any capital letters for the next 90 Days.. This includes the beginning of Sentences as well as names. This is not limited to JWN either, this carries over to work and home. - If you break this rule your punishment is to stand on a kitchen towel in the middle of the kitchen, kinda like standing in the corner but where you can see all the things going on, but can not participate in.. This will remind you of the Valuable news Bulletins your fellow JWN members miss when they are drawn to click on one of your CAPITAL POST TITLES.. You must do this daily for 6 (Prophetic) weeks. (Equivilant 2 Years)

    For your Pseudo Racist,Sexist,Politically Incorrect Statement you have to get a Tan and wear a Bra with Silicone Breasts in it for 2 hours while in public.

    If you have any questions, please direct them to

  • Oubliette

    objectivetruth, that's pretty effin' funny!

    I shoulda' posted this in the humor category.

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