"Who are we to question /god/?"

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    The BIBLE TEACH BOOK in its first paragraph goes in to detail about how like children everyone has many questions!!!

  • Pistoff

    It is not possible to question 'God'; the only 'answers' from 'God' are from those who claim to know what he says.

    It is a ruse, a thought stopping question, to ask: Who are we to question God?

  • Terry

    Here is something to think about.

    In China, if you save somebody's life you are, from then on, RESPONSIBLE for them.

    Why? Because you were the intervention/cause of their life at that point. You became a kind of "father" (or mother) to them.

    When a man impregnates a woman, but does not actively participate in the child's ongoing welfare--what do we say about such a man?


    If we posit the presupposition God caused us to exist, then God has a custodial duty toward us.

    The idea of Divine Love has amounted to a very peculiar historical example--if we are honest.


    In the Old Testament consider the following.

    Out of all the millions of human beings struggling for survival on earth, the Old Testament God only seemed to involve himself in the

    affairs of a tiny nomadic ethnicity: the Jews. What about the rest of mankind--they weere left to their own devices "doing what was right in their

    own eyes."



    I said all of that to say this:

    Who are we to question god?

    We are the result of His intervention and creative actions. (If you buy the numinous explanations of scripture.)



    If you say, "He gave us the Bible" I will answer you this way.

    The Bible was given to a teeny weeny, microscopic sampling of humanity like a note in a bottle tossed in the sea of time.

    For thousands of years God allowed endless suffering, brutality, rape, disease, war and the starvation and abuse of children with His Almighty

    arms crossed in front of His Almighty, All Powerful chest clucking petulantly and shaking his Divine Head in disapproval until, FINALLY in

    a Bronze Age Palestine backwater, He brought His Plan of Salvation to bear which was neither understood nor particularly clever.

    Today there are 41,000 Christian denominations saying ONLY THEY know what God intended and how to avail themselves of his support.


    Is this virtue? Is this kindness and compassion?

    Or, more likely--isn't this simply an unworkable myth carried forward century after century because people are fearful of death and

    will grasp at any straw that promises them more?


    So, "Yes" we are someone who can question god.

    We are not UN-entitled to beg of our Father that He pay personal attention to our suffering, our needs and our fragility of mind and body.

  • PSacramento

    IF there is a GOD and he is the one that created US and in this creation of HIS, He has allowed/developed in us the ability and desire to QUESTION everything, why not Him?

    We may not get the answers we want or need or even feel they should be, BUT we should question since HE made us with the ability to do just that.

    Of course when we question we should also be open to the possibility that the answer we get, whether we like it or not, MAY be above our ability to understand at the TIME when we ask it.

    We must remember that just because we don't like or agree with the answer, doesn't make it less of an answer or not an answer at all.

  • jgnat

    My riposte, "And who are YOU to pretend to speak for God? Maybe YOU have it wrong."

  • little_Socrates

    So I was having a talk with a JW about the world getting "worse and worse" leading to the end. She quoted a scripture to support her argument. I disagreed with her. She said something along the lines of "who are you to question scripture"

    What she didn't understand was I wasn't questioning scripture I was just questioning her interpetation of it. In her mind though, I guess there was no distinction to be made.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    "I'm not questioning god, I'm questioning YOU. You're saying that this is true, YOU prove it."


    Spot on! I've had to use almost those exact words a couple of times.

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