A year ago today was my last meeting.

by quellycatface 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • nonjwspouse

    Quelly, so glad you are here and Awake! ( pun intended)

    I remember so well when that specific WT first came out and the volumes of threads on here about it, the discussions of all the big changes within that one WT. Big to the people who are out and aware, but sliding past those who are " spiritually strong" in other words, nonthinkers. It was all quite interesting.

  • WTWizard

    My last boasting session was the REJECT Astaroth Party of 2005. Before that, I attempted to go in December 2004 but the heat went out in the book study room, so they cancelled that. Regardless of whether I somehow get yanked right back into the washtowel cancer, I will never believe in what they teach. That place is not for salvation--joke-hova's communist tyranny is nothing more than global, and then universal, communism.

  • bigmac

    as I know the ex Mrs Mac, I can just imagine her face!!!

    weird--or what--i saw her today--first time for years---i recognised her car.

    so youve spent more time with her than i have---in the last 30 years lol.

    what's she like lol.?

  • MissFit

    Happy apostaversary.😆

    Not feeling obligated to go to the meeting ...what freedom.

    Actually that article started making me rethink everything I thought I knew.

    Im not too into doctrine, I bought all of the "light gets brighter" explanations in the past. But demoting all of the anointed except for the GB?

    One of the biggest differences we could point to was that we dont follow men.

    I just could not get my head around it.

  • quellycatface

    MissFit, it was a real clanger, eh?? The truth really "set me free"!!

    Bigmac, I have to be careful here. If I say she's a cow, that is insulting your taste in women and if I say she's a doll, you might hate me!!!!

    I actually thought she was nice, very earnest and zealous about the truth but UNDERNEATH a nice person. She has just been brainwashed like all the rest of the drones. There are a lot of people I've met who would have actually been nicer if they weren't witnesses. Talk of the devil, though???

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