A year ago today was my last meeting.

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  • quellycatface

    It was a Sunday. The shittiest public talk delivered by the most inarticulate and boring man. As for the Watchtower, there was something in it that repulsed me so badly, it made me question EVERYTHING. Could someone help me and find out which article was studied that date. 8th September 2014.

    Thanks for reading.

    Great to be free of WT chains.

  • Moses Joe
    Moses Joe

    July 15, 2013 issue, article "Tell Us, When Will These Things Be?"

    I remember this issue because it was one of the many nails in the coffin for my trust in them. In this magazine they claim that there was no faithful and Discreet slave around after Christs death and that the Governing Body of JW is that slave, alone, just that group. They effectively raise themselves above the Apostles of Christ.

    It's so self serving and presumptuous. If I remember correctly they even go so far as to say that they were appointed over the domestics as it says in Matthew. But what it says in Matthew is that THE MASTER WILL APPOINT THEM. I'm sorry, but if that had happened, they'd have much better credentials than just their own word. Much needed credentials in fact, when all the not-so-well hidden facts say that they are neither faithful, nor discreet.

  • bigmac

    well done Quelly---dont forget to look me up if your down my way x

  • Phizzy

    You mean 8th September 2013 dear Quelly.

    Congrats on your Anniversary, we still celebrate ours, as that day was a huge change in our lives, a huge change to a much much better life !

  • bigmac

    i remember my last ever day in "field service"--( what a stupid expression )

    not the exact date--but it was late spring in '71. a sunday morning--out with my wife---i sent my slim briefcase spinning through the air--into a river. she was mortified.

  • Laika

    Good work Quelly! You've done amazing for 1 year out! :)

  • quellycatface

    Yes, of course I did mean September 2013!!! Time has really flown. There has been a few bumps in the road but I NEVER regret leaving.

    BigMac, as I know the ex Mrs Mac, I can just imagine her face!!! How funny. I had a bit of a "falling out" with my Mum just before she went to Twickenham. I have blocked her number on my house phone now. I just cannot cope with her attitude to her her ONLY grandson, not even sending him a few quid for the school holidays but she got a taxi from Portsmouth to Twickenham!!!!

    That article in the WT just did my head in. I knew it was time to pack up and move out. Could someone please post the link to that article, so I can read it again. What a joke it all was. Thank you.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It was a Sunday. The shittiest public talk delivered by the most inarticulate and boring man.

    You could easily be describing the Public Talk yesterday (which I attended while visiting my elderly family).

    This brother should never have been sent out to give talks.

    There used to be "standards" for Outgoing Speakers and such a pathetic speaker would have never left his Home Cong.

    This tells me that there is a significant "brain drain" taking place in JDub Land.


  • nonjwspouse

    Quelly if you search that watchtower by date you will find oodles of threads on this forum discussing that specific WT. Also, I believe jw.org will have it in archives.

  • quellycatface

    Thanks nonJwSpouse, I realized that after I'd posted. Doh!!!!!

    Anyway, it's very liberating to read this kind of muck and know it has no hold on you anymore.

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