Observations from a day at the zoo

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  • Twitch

    You can't deny the little guys the chance to see live wild animals up close. Zoos are more and more performing a conservation role which is good, but as with Simon, I leave a zoo visit in a sad frame of mind.


    I recall when it was exciting to visit the zoo and see what I only saw pictures of or read about. I remember some images well and with a smile.

    Later, I saw animals that were bored and institutionalized, not "born free" as it were, and it seemed a lesser tragedy.

    One of life's many paradoxes.

  • Simon

    It's a difficult balancing act for zoos to get right.

    The best case for the animals is huge enclosure that gives them an experience similar to what they would get in the wild. But this would obviously cost a lot not just in the land but also costs to move things around.

    Worse still, the visitors would walk for miles with a good chance that they would never see the animals at all. Ultimately this would then be worse for the animals as the zoos would close.

    I think most zoos now are getting better at being more on the site of what the animals need and I think most visitors are more conscious and understanding of this and don't just want instant gratification of a cool animal in an easy to view cage, all in a convenient row with the others.

    I don't consider the blackfish video to represent zoos - that is really an amusement park. That's where they have become biased to the entertainment side and need to make money.

  • Perry

    Cookie, a Major Mitchel Cockatoo is pushing 80 years at this zoo.


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