how many normal people would only go to the dub website?

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  • purrpurr

    All this campaign going on got me to thinking, a normal person having received a tract about the jw website, would they only go to that one website if they were in any way interested? Would they really not click on any links that would also appear about jw's? Would they really not read about them from other sources too?

    I know that the rank and file have been programmed to go to that one site and no where else but what about a normal person ?

    And if a normal person would find out about the other side of the jw's, I mean the dark side they want to keep hidden, then could the gb perhaps be really shooting themselves in the foot? Because instead of the masses blindly signing up to jw they instead will be educated about how and what they really are... a cult! Any thoughts?


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  • Gopher

    I think they're looking for people who follow directions like a "sheep" and therefore go directly to and are easily impressed misled.

    Those who go visit other sites and listen to "Satan's lies" (cough, cough) obviously do not deserve the fresh waters of truth that only the river can provide. (I think I'm about to wretch now.)

  • purrpurr

    Yes gopher you are right. But I'm wondering if those type of people are even out there. I mean if I want to book a hotel, I may look at the hotels website but I will also look at trip advisor and get a objective view as well. If people do that with just a hotel, restaurant or DVD then how much more so for a religion that has a reputation for being werid?

  • stuckinarut2

    NO ONE of balanced mental health just takes in information from one source! Especially in these days of extreme marketing.

    EVERY sane person looks at the "owners" site, then looks for reviews from "competitors" or "independant reviewers"

    I mean, if you want to buy a brand of processed food, do you just beleive their website or packaging when it says "food inspired by the culinary heritage of generations of farmers" (or similar). Or do you read the reviews that say "high in sugar, corn starch, fat. Lacking in nutrients and known to use a cancer causing bleaching agent"

  • Gopher

    I think the WT Society knows that for thinking people, Watchtower doctrine is losing the battle in the Internet market of ideas.

    The JW.Org website, like the Watchtower magazine itself, serves best to reinforce the doctrine in the minds of those already held captive.

  • sparrowdown

    That's right in the age of information no sane person accepts anything on face value, nor should they.

    So some may go to the official website, but they almost certainly will check others aswell.

  • NeverKnew

    I'm a non-jw.

    My "normal" friends know that I have JW associates so they've told me they got the tracts.

    None showed the slightest interest in visiting the site. ...not even out of curiousity to confirm that which I've told them.

    It may as well be an ad for a discounted oil change.

  • Magnum

    First, I agree with NeverKnew; I feel that by far, the majority of those who receieved tracts will not go to the website. I also agree with you that if they go to the site and if they are normal people, they are not going to go only to the approved JW site.

    Another observation about the site: It seems to me that what used to draw the more intelligent and well-read people to JWdom was the more technical, doctrinal stuff. I remember reading about some in the early 1900s who would almost immediately become JWs (or Bible Students) because they read in org literature that, for example, hell is not hot. It was always something like that. It was never because they read an article on family life or something similar.

    JWs are becoming less technical and more about pop psychology, pop sociology, self-help, etc. So it might be that if normal people go to the org's website, they might be so disinterested that they won't bother to go to other sites because they're just not interested in JWs enought to research them. The org's website might itself turn them off.

  • NeverKnew

    ...."the majority of those who receieved tracts will not go to the website"

    I'll take it further. The only conceivable reason I could see a non-jw going to the website would be to understand why someone in their social sphere who IS a JW operates a certain way. as not to offend them.

    People who are disinterested in religion, are definitely disinterested in a religion that requires a lot of effort.

    People who are interested in religion are probably already involved in their own faiths. As a JW, if a Mormon had left you a tract with their website address would you have been running to your computer to check it out?

    People who are entertained by religion might go but they'd only be there for the entertainment.

    Mass conversions? Ain't gonna happen...

    I do not believe that this campaign has anything to do with the conversion of non-jws. I believe the goal is to promote that feeling of purpose amongst the adherents. Keep em busy fulfilling a purpose and they'll feel good about paying for that feeling through their donations.

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