A locally produced video for JW's - come to Tennessee!

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  • Honesty

    Hello Brother Junction-Guy!!

    It's good to see you exposing the Jehovah's Witness cult's latesst methods of enticement.

  • gingerbread

    The South is a stronghold for Jehovah's Witnesses in the US. The traditional religious and political conservatism, rural demographics and 'southern hospitality' makes for an easy transition for the locals to become Witnesses. In fact, many continue with the same intensity they had in the religious upbringings as Witnesses - it's all in and fire and brimstone (the threat of shunning and Armageddon).

    Those of us who are from the south know that it's the 'group mentality' that prevails. Individualism is frowned upon. It's a "my granddaddy thought that way and my daddy thinks that way so I'll think that way" mind set that is deeply intrenched in southern culture.

    The south is also thriving economically (has been for the past 30 years) so this makes the southern US very appealing to the Watchtower leadership (sorry Honesty....).


  • DwainBowman

    I lived in a number of cities in Tn. I know a few in the vid. And have seen several of the men on stage at ca's and dc's. The opening girl I have known for a long time!

  • L3G


    Thanks for the link. I wonder too what the purpose is... Isn't this sort of INDEPENDENTly produced thing supposed to be against the direction of God's organization? I thought the official view is WE will provide all publications, videos, public talks, etc. Anything INDEPENDENT is inherently evil. Or this is this some sort of exception? Has the ORG's view on this INDEPENDENT activity changed?

    Others' thoughts on this blatant example of INDEPENDENT thinking? Maybe it's not so blatant?

  • Junction-Guy

    This video was on the actual jw site 2 weeks ago, now I can't locate it. I wonder if the Whiskey distillery part was what caused them to remove it?

  • cultBgone

    Seems like their attempt at a recruiting video to get more folks to move there? The two sisters™ sitting outside discussing stuff was pretty boring and the animal photos were nice but what was the deal with the birds? And yes, there are lots of green trees in the summer...okay, had to turn it off as it wasn't getting any better. Hard to believe this was up on jw.bOrg.

  • Violia

    That was slick. It was enough to induce ptsd.

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