A locally produced video for JW's - come to Tennessee!

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  • gingerbread

    We received this link through an email chain. Not too sure what the purpose is....it's mostly about food.


  • Junction-Guy

    And the alchohol!

    Thanks for sharing this video--it seems this cult is not only slick with doctrine but they are getting slicker with their media and ad campaigns.

  • Junction-Guy

    I looked up that Tenn South distillery, and if they are still JW owned, you wouldn't know it, because they seem to acknowledge and capitalize on the holidays--Christmas, Valentines and New Years.

  • Comatose

    Gingerbread, are you from the area? I grew up there. Curious if I might know you.

  • gingerbread

    It seems to be a locally produced promotional video - somehow directed toward Witnesses in Britian. Some of the folks in the video are long time elders and fully involved families that are almost always on convention and assembly parts.

    I was wondering if any others from different parts of the US have seen similar videos...

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Look at us, just having fun doing normal stuff. Cult? Nope, not us. We are regular folks, honest!

    No Apologies

  • Magnum

    No Apologies, I felt the same thing when I was watching it. They try so hard to appear normal.

    It seems that the sense of urgency among JWs is fading (or has faded). They seem to be settling in for the long haul.

  • b00mslang

    I thought I saw Boyd Crowder in part of that clip.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Nice advert for the distillery! Paid for by them perhaps?

    Why dya think they'd make it to appeal to the brits?

  • steve2

    The opening scene setting went on and on and on and on and on- I truly wondered amid yawns when the actual message would kick in. The editing suggested a self-taught effortfulness with lots of predictable sequeing and languid panning shots, and an occasional kingdom hall among the rolling scenery.

    I loved it when a rather buxomly attractive older female told us "we speak direct in the South" and wondered if that encompassed describing the larger size Witnesses starring in the video as "fat"? They certainly showed that more than the hillsides were rolling. Them thar folk sure are well fed in Tennessee. Is that too direct for even the direct-speaking Southerners? Yikes! Sorry.

    I was so not mesmerized when an older Witness male smoothly talked about Elvis Presley's earlier connection to a building that was later converted into a JW convention hall. Oh how conveniently sophisticated, I thought, betraying my own judgemental JW upbringing. My now deceased JW parents would approve of my disapproval.

    In short, this will likely move British Witnesses to tears of joy with its proud, self-referential cheer-leading parochialism. But, my oh my, it does show how achingly bland Witnesses have now become. Eager to be seen as normal Joes and Josephines, whilst peddling their smug message of a world whose end is permanently parked "just around the corner".

    Come visit the South, you British Witnesses, and be dazzled by our Elvis Presley- connected big assembly hall and our larger-sized smiling sisters and enviously take in the sights of a sumptuous land your forbears once fought to the death over and lost.

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