pioneer book

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  • smiddy

    No problemo stuck , lets hope her curiosity keeps her looking at what this site is really about and asks questions that the organisation doesnt want people to ask.

    By the way itisme , Welcome to the board , this site answers a lot of questions you may have about anything , but not only that , you will also get alternative veiws about any subject , where you can make up your own mind as to whether it is logical or not , something that is not tolerated in the jehovahs witness religion .

    We look forward to hearing more from you.


  • itisme

    Reading is not a sin ... and I am not so easy to influence :)

    According to last sunday's study, the hypocrites in the congregation are apostates ...

    What I am concerned of is that my pic apears next to my posts, and do not know how to change that ...

  • itisme

    I did download from the link you posted but in the pdf, for each lesson there are just verses quoted and some quotes from watchtower and other publications ...

  • Listener

    Why can't you simply order the Pioneer book at your Congregation? I'm sure there would be no problem supplying this highly educational book to any JW with a sincere interest in the house to house wrok.

  • bohm

    itisme: I would strongly recommend you to hide your picture on this site as elders or active jehovahs witnesses sometimes try and find "apostates" who post here. To hide your picture, please go to, log in and make the appropriate changes. Otherwise start a new topic titled: "MODS: My real picture is showing in my profile, please help" and it will likely be changed soon.

  • LaBistos

    Hope that we can have the exact book what's on the internet was only the reference but not the actual book

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