What Happened to the Religion I Left in 1995?

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  • DisArmed

    Hey Josh, welcome to the forum. Very well written post. Am I detecting a little nostalgic tone? Just remember the constant changes and "new light" are proof of this cult not being anything close to the truth and that it is, well, a cult. Like you, I am so far removed that it didn't dawn on me till well into the year that this marked 100 years since the famed 1914. I rarely give the religion any thought or energy and certainly don't regret leaving. This Saturday morning I can't imagine trudging door to door instead of doing what I now do on Saturday mornings, watch College Game Day!

  • ablebodiedman


    John 17.3 in the revised NWT

    "T his means everlasting life, + their coming to know you, * the only true God, + and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ"

    John 16:1-4

    "I have spoken these things to YOU that YOU may not be stumbled. 2  Men will expel YOU from the synagogue. In fact, the hour is coming when everyone that kills YOU will imagine he has rendered a sacred service to God. 3  But they will do these things because they have not come to know either the Father or me. 4  Nevertheless, I have spoken these things to YOU that, when the hour for them arrives, YOU may remember I told them to YOU.

    Isaiah 66:5

     Hear the word of Jehovah, YOU men who are trembling at his word: "YOUR brothers that are hating YOU, that are excluding YOU by reason of my name, said, ‘May Jehovah be glorified!’ He must also appear with rejoicing on YOUR part, and they are the ones that will be put to shame."

    [Name of person] is no longer a Jehovah's Witness. ..................... "by reason of my name"

    2 Thessalonians 1:6-8

     This takes into account that it is righteous on God’s part to repay tribulation to those who make tribulation for YOU, 7  but, to YOU who suffer tribulation, relief along with us at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his powerful angels 8  in a flaming fire, as he brings vengeance upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus.

    See the relationship between disfellowshipping your brothers and NOT knowing God?

    Changing John 17:3 helps the translation bring understanding to what is really going on in ways they will not properly accept until it is too late!

    Romans 9:25-26

     and in the place where it was said to them, ‘YOU are not my people,’ there they will be called ‘sons of the living God.’"

    [Name of person] is no longer a Jehovah's Witness. ----------------- ‘YOU are not my people,’

    So who really does know God?

    The ones doing the disfellowshipping or the ones being disfellowshipped?

    Everything Jesus Christ said would happen, is really happening!

    Jesus Christ is awesome!


  • ablebodiedman

    John 16:13-15

     However, when that one arrives, the spirit of the truth, he will guide YOU into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears he will speak, and he will declare to YOU the things coming. 14  That one will glorify me, because he will receive from what is mine and will declare it to YOU. 15  All the things that the Father has are mine. That is why I said he receives from what is mine and declares [it] to YOU.



  • JoshJeffries

    Thanks again, everyone.

    I'm back to laughing again after a second viewing of more "Dancin' With Da Witnesses."

    I really was upset for a little while after watching it because of how hard I tried to be a perfect JW just to watch how 20 years later dancing to a rapper's song is now allowed in Kingdom Halls...

    I was mostly perturbed however that they allowed such poorly coordinated and flaccid choreography to be performed by so many self-aware-challenged overweight people. And before a delegation of international convention attendees nonetheless! These important guests deserved thinner, more coordinated people who knew how to give good Jazz Hands ala Fosse. Instead they got slow-motion, half asleep Twyla Tharp!

    Oh, and I don't understand ablebodiedman's comments. Can somebody help me understand their intent.

    Feel free to use Watchtower simplified lingo.

  • JoshJeffries

    Thanks, Ablebodiedman, but...

    1. I was only joking.
    2. Dude, that video is like an hour long.
    3. While I'm all for believing in Jesus, I'm Hebrew. So as a Jew I think it is rather "awesome" that so many Goys want to obey someone who is technically a blood relative of mine as their king. But if you're gonna get all technical about it and go on for more than seven minutes without either an exciting road chase, a dramatic turn of events starring an Academy Award winner, or a really cool Bollywood musical sequence somewhere in the mix, sorry. I can't guarantee any interest or even feigned attention on my part in such unfavorable circumstances.

    Now if there was a buffet included, I could give you an additional 30 minutes, but that Bollywood sequence better have some car explosions somewhere in it, that's all I'm saying.

  • ablebodiedman

    I was only joking.

    I wasn't.


  • John_Mann

    1995 IMHO is the year the dream was over.

    1995 is the year of my baptism and the beginning of my screwed JW adolescence.

    It would take ten years to break free from Watchtower.

  • JoshJeffries

    John_Mann, I was in for about the same time, but starting from 1985. I would love to hear your story some time.

    Ablebodiedman, no offense was meant. I knew you weren't kidding. And I really appreciate the fact that people who have left the JWorgs exercise the freedom to follow their own conscience. But I'm no more interested in listening to a sermon from an exJW who, in all honesty feels motivated to publish their particular convictions, than most Gentile adult males are lining up for me to perform Brit milah upon them with my unsteady hands.

    I know people share their newfound views here, and that's healthy. But unless asked for my personal views or unless they come into conversation as they have a little here, I don't think people want to hear me pontificate their way. I may make a little bit of sport, but I do so to remind people that I didn't jump out of the frying pan so I could drop into the fire, so to speak.

    I merely returned to my previous way of life after leaving the JWs, so perhaps this slack in revererence on my part is due to not having that novelty of having something "new" to share with others...and I try not to take myself so seriously anymore like I did as a Watchtoweree. Therefore when I speak, all is done tongue-in-cheek.

    But I make a lot of fun of myself these days, and the fact that JWorgs are spending the 100th anniversary of not being able to see Jesus return (and a century of perfect failure at setting dates for "The End") by dancing to "worldly" music in Kindom Halls--right now all this is too funny for me to take a lot of things seriously. So again, no offense and thank you.


    I remember the 1995 "generation" change. I was out of High School for a few years, already married like an idiot cult member. I thought, " These jack offs have just bought themselves some time."

    I don't know if any of us here on JW.net REALLY believed it all to begin with. I don't think I ever did. I can understand the shock of looking back. The problem now is that the children have ZERO knowledge of the WTBTS real history. This is intentional because the cult wants JW.ORG to thrive. The Corporation is a living entity, bent on survival at all costs.


  • NeverKnew

    Welcome Josh!

    Wondering if your post might contribute to a long time Witnesses awakening. I hope so.

    I'll be excited to read your thoughts on other changes.

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