What Happened to the Religion I Left in 1995?

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    Thanks for the greetings.

    Yes, I saw one of the videos mentioned by donuthole.

    Besides almost making me want to rejoin the Watchtower just to climb back up the ranks to become an elder and conduct a witch hunt to find each and every one of those JWs to disfellowship them all (just joking, but that is what would have happened in my day--and did!), it made me think of one thing only.

    A "generation" is not merely a set number of years or the lives of people that criss-cross over a specific length of time. No, a generation is also the world and unique culture made by the people who lived during an era. The generation of the "teenybopper sock hop," for example (the period my parents enjoyed during their high school years) has come and gone. It was far briefer than the lifespan of any human. It came and left during the 1950s, some historians writing it in for just a couple of years before and after 1957, no longer.

    And the generation of the Live Forever book is gone too, the generation of JWs I belonged to.

    Among our number were old timers who were around from the days of Russell and Rutherford. Some of them graces the cover of a Watchtower that publicized how these made up the face of the 1914 generation that would never fade away. They died, as did all that generation who had contact with the original Witnesses.

    Gone are the elders I once served under. I've recently checked and all but one (who is actually now serving as a lawyer for the Watchtower) have died. That entire generation of Jehovah's Witnesses has either passed away or has left or, as I have recently just heard from another, is hanging on only because of family ties but not believing a thing.

    That video made me realize that I experienced something unique that is dead now.

    Witnesses dancing to worldly music in a Kingdom Hall? This is a new generation that knows noting of the one before it. This would never have been allowed before in my day, nor would we have even let it cross our minds. While I don't buy into that religion one bit anymore, at least we had respect for the Kingdom Hall. Considering doing something like this inside of it would be a sacriledge, lacking all respect for God and holy things.

    This is proof that the Witnesses never really understood the "generation" teaching to begin with. Several generations have come and gone. The religion I belonged to was not the one C.T. Russell preached. It was not practiced by Judge Rutherford. And it certainly is not the one of these people jumping up and down to what we would have called "music of Satan's world" in a "holy place." the Kingdom Hall--you folks are something completely different. I was part of a generation that has come and gone, one that had a lot more respect and didn't need "simplified" Watchtowers. We may have been members of a false religion, but we were digging into big, thick books, some numbering 500, 700, even over 1000 pages long. I don't know any of this new JW generation at all, and frankly I don't care to.

    Funny, after viewing that video I am not laughing anymore. I'm just shaking my head.

    Even if I wanted to go back to it, the religion I left in 1995 passed away a generation ago.

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    Welcome, Josh!

    In some ways, things are just as harsh, if not harsher than they were. But they are really trying to rebrand Watchtower into JW.ORG... I suspect in five years, things will even more radically change.

  • HeyThere

    The New NWT also has several chapters removed as well without anyone noticing...crazy stuff!

  • neverendingjourney

    Welcome, Josh. Great first post. Very well written.

    The sad thing is that you can take your basic template, adjust the facts slightly and and apply it to just about any year in Watchtower history. I can't believe it's 1915! I can't believe it's 1945! I can't believe it's 1980! I' can't believe it's 2000! During each of those years there were "old timers" who never thought they'd see that year come.

    Russell had promised that god's work would be wrapped up by 1914. In 1940/1941 Rutherford was teaching that only months remained before Armageddon. We all know about the 1975 fiasco. At one point the Watchtower said Armageddon would come during the 20th century, but they later scrubbed that reference in the bound volume edition. I was told I would never graduate high school. My 20 year anniversary is fast approaching.

    Sadly, when it comes to the Watchtower and failed predictions, there is nothing new under the sun.

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    Oh one more thing you forgot Josh Jeffries. We are now set up as a hirachy just like the catholic church. Apparently now we have a Pope who gives the commands to it members. Google "Menlo park kingdom hall" to find out more.

  • joe134cd

    Oh one more thing you forgot Josh Jeffries. We are now set up as a hirachy just like the catholic church. Apparently now we have a Pope who gives the commands to it members. Google "Menlo park kingdom hall" to find out more.

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    Good post. I agree 100%

    I remembered a conversation I had with several other Witnesses about how long the world would last. I mentioned I could see myself growing up into my forties and seeing the year 2014 and even perhaps beyond. I was laughed at and even given some threatening looks for suggesting such hogwash and heresy!

    “You’d better watch out brother,” came the warnings. “Independent thinking like that can get you kicked out into the darkness with the apostates!”

    I've mentioned to my wife numerous times lately that if I had said among JWs back in the eighties something like "You'd better plan for the future; it could be 2010 or later before the new world gets here," I'd have been laughed at, mocked, or worse.

    I still can’t get over John 17:3 in their new Bible! We used to proudly preach how this rendering was totally unacceptable and would mislead a person away from the “truth that leads to everlasting life!” And now they adopted it as a freakin’ revision?!

    Yep; that one burns my a$$ up. I think I'm going to start a new thread about it; I've got a lot to say about it.

    The Awake! magazine’s inside cover intro changed. They suddenly dropped the part about 'God’s promise of a new world before the 1914 generation passes away' and I knew something was up.

    That was the beginning of the end for me.

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    The New NWT also has several chapters removed as well without anyone noticing...crazy stuff!

    Sure. If by 'several chapters', you mean 12 verses from John and 12 verses from Mark.

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    Welcome JoshJeffries

    The Watchtower Corporation in way or the other was always a pretentious commercial fraud in the vein of religious charlatanism.

    The WTS. has just updated its abstract commercialism to 2014 and that is selling on the INTERNET, a very useful tool with low cost advantages.



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