"I don't care if it's teachings are false, I'd never leave because it's the best way of life"

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  • kairos

    There was an elder in my last cong that would include some statement in his public prayers very similar to what's been said here.

    I always bothered me. It caused me to question all of my beliefs and view them as possibly being wrong.

    In time, I found that they were all wrong and it does cause anger and frustration.

  • 4thgen

    Wow. I am overwhelmed at all the clever retorts and thought provoking questions. There is a lot of wisdom on this board. Keep um coming! Oh, and THANKS. Hugs, 4thgen

  • Ingenuous

    A big on both of nicolaou's posts.

    And to the point of continuing to preach after coming to this conclusion: I had a huge struggle when I was still in with going door-to-door, possibly convincing others to come to the meetings and join this religion, when I knew of serious moral and ethical issues in my own congregation and with the more extensive parts of the Org. It bothered me greatly to think that I was trying to convince others to become part of a group where they would get little support or compassion for dealing with serious personal problems and where major issues within the group would go unaddressed - they would, among other things, be told to 'trust in Jehovah' in the face of negligence and nepotism. Chats with my Elder father yielded no satisfactory solution to this dilemma. YMMV.

  • Magnum

    I would make the one who says that explain exactly why it's the best way of life. Why, for example, is it better than the way of life of one who has devoted his or her life to rescuing orphaned and/or suffering animals?

    Just think of all the thousands of hours JWs waste on their boring, useless, inefficient, ineffective, poorly taught meetings alone. They could use all that time educating/enlightening themselves, aiding their fellow creatures, contributing something useful to society (instead of being a drain), etc.

    The JW way of life is not the best way.

  • Oubliette

    OK, I'm coming back for another round: How could anyone with even the slightest bit of intellect seriously claim that belonging to a religion which--they believe--teaches falsehoods possibly lead to or create "the best way of life"?

    Also, how is this different than any other religion? It isn't!

    That is just sofa king stew pit!


  • kaik

    I heard that several times. Many JW do not care what WT teaches and what is "Truth", or what doctrines are temporary popular, but they still think the Borg is God's channel of communication.

  • BucketShopBill

    Since 1976 I heard that line but was too stupid to ask myself "Why would someone not care if their religion is totally a farse, false and super wrong, it's because they are programmed to the emotional level!" This is something Elders are trained to tell the rest of the Flock if someone is showing sings of doubts. The COs and DOs use to do plugs for "I Don't Care if God is not real, this religion is the best way of life!" lots of fundamental flaws in that line of false reasons. When 1975 came and went there were many JWs who had borrowed lots of money and bought, donated and squandered everything because they really thought the End was coming!

    It's now been 100 years since Russells False Prophecy, we are going to hit 100 years on all of Rutherfords False Prophecies too. "Being Broke is the best way to live, no matter how many Government agencies you must beg for money, it's all for the Slave!"

  • jookbeard

    favourite saying from my late father, also he said he'd always believe it even if he was the only person on the planet who was a JW

  • likeabird

    For a very short period of time after waking up I also said something similar. Bu then I found out about the child abuse and I couldn't get to the door fast enough.

    For many years, when the subject of child abuse in the Catholic church came up in discussion or at the door, I would always proudly say that if I had been Catholic and found out about the child abuse problem, then I would be out the door. Little did I know that I was setting myself up for my own exit.

  • Xanthippe

    When my friend said this I said am I supposed to stop my child going to university? Does the best way of life mean she has to sacrifice her good brain, do menial work and live in near poverty as I did pioneering? When she said they are the most moral people I said have you heard of Candace Conti?

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