Are Jehovah's Witnesses THAT Bad?

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  • Londo111

    That's true. Are we talking Jehovah's Witnesses the Religion or Jehovah's Witnesses as individuals?

    I would have a difference answer for each.

  • lurkernomore

    Totally agree. There's too broader spectrum of individuals to pigeon hole everyone in the same box! I know some extremely liberal if not hypocrytical witnesses and then I know a few that go abroad to pioneer or go on building trips so it's difficult if not nigh impossible to speak of the group as a whole.

  • minimus

    Old Hippie , I wish you would respond to Sir's comment, but how could you??

  • Honesty

    They have the truth and belong to Jerhover's only approved religious organization.

    They are being led to waters of righteousness by the 7 member faithful and discreet slave whom Jesus appointed in uh, uh, 1919.

    They obey God's commandments given to Moses and follow the Governing Body's interpretation of it faithfully.

    How can any of them be bad?

  • sowhatnow

    satan can fool 7 men and 7 million people too. thats what we were warned about. do not look to mens reasoning. they stand in oposition to God.

    I figure, IF jesus parable is to be misinterpreted as a prophesy, and If in 1919 he appointed them,

    he would have to approve of the teachings at THAT time would he not? at the time of 1919 the organization leaders were racist, involved in government

    and had many many teachings that today jws would consider apostate.

    so, was jesus wrong? no, because he would never overstep His Father, and place an earthly organization in the postition of being a mediator for him which is what the GOVERNING BODY claims they are, for they outright claim to have the only way to the truth, not to mention none of the apostles writtings mentions any earthly organization then or in the future.

    I suppose the truth was Jesus.

    if we are to believe the bible, which i am researching now,

    Jesus is ruling, not jehovah. the kingdom was his reward, he is our judge, yet the wt society has replaced jesus with the governing body for who to look t o for salvation, therefore they are looking for worship for themselves, and the fact that people defend them, makes it wall the more obvious. they make claims, and put themselves on high, and are guilty of claiming to be like a god.

    jws are not supposed to follow moses law, they are not ancient israelites .

    the law does not apply to anyone accept those who choose to observe the law of moses. are jws going back in time? to do the old burdensome law and claim Jesus came for nothing? then one must observe all of the mosaic laws and there were hundreds.

    I thought Jesus had fulfilled the law, so man would no longer have to live under these heavy burdens.

    7 million is a small number, half of those 7 million are probably baptised children, who have no idea what they are doing.

    baptism is for mature adults, Jesus was 30 before he got baptised, and he was supposedly perfect. only for numbers do the society push children to be baptised. shame shame on them.

    if I did not see all those satanic subliminal drawings in thier lituriture myself, Id have never believed it. and guess what, i found one in the lastest november wt magazine. in the basement scene , which by the way is a frightening bunch of propaganda, that will drive children away.

    its an organization that takes advantage of humble weak sheep like people who follow the 'crowd' out of fear, even if that crowd is going the wrong way

    jesus warned his apostles that after he left there would be men who would come and mislead even the chosen ones.

    and the apostle paul 50 plus years later did just that, claimed to be sent by jesus, set up churches ,in the name of Jesus, and led people after him and away from the simple kingdom, of God, and the free worship Jesus rewarded us with. any man made organization is in oposition to Gods arrangement

  • sparrowdown

    Define "bad".

    Seems to me, you only ever get to see what your'e really dealing with, when you say or do something they don't like.

    Then, they can be real assholes.

  • minimus

    We know what bad is when we see it.

  • BucketShopBill

    Are Mormons worse than Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons are doing their best to be successful and are often at the higher end of the education spectrum. Mormons believe in helping the poor, doing good deeds for everyone and not just their own faith. What do Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtowerites) do for our World other than use the Disability and Social Security Welfare benefits they did not put much money in?

    Seventh Day Adventist are in to higher education, Jehovah's Witnesses are miserable people, they are back-bitters, disloyal towards anyone even if you loaned them money when they filed Bankruptcy, they will stab you in the back given the chance. The Malawai Scandal shows the racism was inside the Watchtower HQs, how many Black brothers were in Bethel from the 1910s-1960s? You think JWs are not the worst religion, no they are not ISIS or ISIL yet but if they had the chance they would be more than happy to cut your heads off if the Governments said they could kill Apostates or Ex-JWs who have seen through the big Hoax. JWs would kill Ex-JWs if they were allowed to, they are not peaceful and provide nothing of value to this World other than keep highly depressed and drunks occupied by preaching the Message to them everyday to get time in!

  • kassad84

    Russell ... In his youth he was known to chalk Bible verses on fence boards and city sidewalks to draw attention to the punishment of hell awaiting the unfaithful in an attempt to convert unbelievers.

  • Phizzy

    The ones in control of the Org, both the GB and the shadowy figures who pull their strings, are not just "bad", they are downright evil.

    They know that what they stand for causes the deaths of many every year, unnecessary deaths, from a variety of causes, things that they could change, i.e the Blood policy, and the DFing/shunning arrangement.

    They wilfully choose not to use the power they have in their hand to change these things, that is Pure Evil.

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