Audrey Hyde (Nathan Knorr's widow) died yesterday

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    He lectured and lectured Bethelites about sexual improprieties, such as dating, and when cupid caught him--married people could stay at Bellevue rathr than be expelled. I thought it was funny when it happened. The very idea of Bro. Knorr dating a woman is so ridiculous. Jehovah would not countenance marriage, then Jehovah did.

  • Athanasius

    A former bethelite once told me that Mrs. Knorr said their marriage was never consumated.

  • minimus

    I think Knorr's marriage was a sham.

  • lrkr

    I knew Audrey. She was a cool cat. A very colorful personality in the very monochromatic world of Bethel. I think she loved Nathan- and tried in her own way to get him to not be so boring!

    We always said she was the one responsible for changing Bethel policy on marriage. And she must have been quite charming to catch the attention of the stubborn, workaholic, avowed bachelor Knorr.

  • hamsterbait

    After all the gay shenanigans going on at Beth Hell, he prolly only got hitched because the gaydar was homoing in on him too.

  • hamsterbait

    Pete Zahut -

    A "man's man" is a term for the macho manly heterosexual, who prefers the company of other straight guys, to whom women are there for sex, cooking, cleaning and the odd bit of small talk, if her husband has gone for a pee. Preferred subjects of conversation are : football, sports of any kind, boobies, bottoms and babes; cars, hunting fishing.

    He has no interest in dress design, except for how sexy his woman looks in it before he rips it off her. Preferred looks are titty, slitty and slutty. He does not interest himself in interior design seeing that as a woman's field. As long as there are no tassles. He opens cans of beans and microwave meals rather than learning haute cuisine. He always burns the frying pan on too high a heat.

    He does not indulge in the touchy feelie noo man shite, talking about his emotions to females or crying like Jesus if he burns the toast. When anything goes wrong he does not analyse his feelings he just swears and tears up the papers.

    Are we up to speed on that now?

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I remember her well as a Wallkill Bethelite. I would flirt with her very overtly. She was fun.

  • daringhart13

    Does anyone know if she was still a JW at her time of death?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Nathan probably tallyed up a list of how many times he caught her masturbating from heaven after he stepped over and is giving the list to Jehovah now.

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