Want to make Money $ with a Web Site?

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  • sarahsmile

    It is respecting the very ones he attracts! Which he show little respect.

    Simon you need to abide by your own rules before you can quote rules.

  • Phizzy

    Simon, I am glad you have broad shoulders, and can rise above idiots like "sarahsmile".

    Keep up the good work, and sarahsmile, as far as I am concerned I would rather you left this place.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Keep up the great work Simon we all appreciate it! And I hope you're making tons of money doing it :)

    And Sarah, you're the only one being disrespectful here. Chill out.

  • Little Imp
    Little Imp

    It is not costing her or anyone else to visit this site, what is her problem?

    The only time it costs someone is if they choose to click on an advert and purchase something which is down to their own free will, nothing more.

    It is strange how she focuses on something like this when in fact the JWs are making loads of money by giving people a false hope. Furthermore, the money they make is not to put to good use like feeding the homeless or any other kind of worthwhile charity. They spout on about how no collection is made at their meetings but there is a collection box by the front door but preferably they want you to donate by regular monthly direct debit as in this way people aren't likely to make a monthly donation of only £5 thus ensuring they get far more money that a collection plate would ever make.

    At some assemblies they often also have facility for credit card donations which, in my opinion, is totally out of order.

    I would have thought that any money made by this site in real terms wouldn't be huge when taking into account the time and effort that goes into building a website and maintaining it.

    Sarah, have you ever thought about the people who are desperately unhappy, having been treated badly by being shunned or similar? I am certain that this site has been a lifesafer to many people.

  • Laika

    I'd have guessed that ExJWs were the most frequent visitors to the site...

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Not taking sides Sera but Simon answerd your question in his first post. Unless you can provide facts to proove those statements wrong it's rude to reply with assumptive and specutive comments.

  • Balaamsass2

    seems like a case of TUI

    typing under the Influence

  • BluePill2

    sarah SMILE : Oh the irony....another troll???

    My opinion: I wished Simon would make TONS of money (which he isn't - I had several websites and the amount of work is more than what you think and the payments are in the low figures. Google is making most of the money - not the website owners).

    There is nothing wrong with making money in exchange for value. JW.net has provided more value than the Watchtower or any other Christian organization ever has. I know for a fact that JW.net has prevented suicides and gave people their Lifes back and continues to provide a strong support to a group of abused and abandoned people. For some of us JW.net has become the family that we have lost and also the only way to find a shoulder to cry on and to be heard in your darkest hour.

    I found really good friends on this site that helped me beyond of what I thought possible - even without knowing me personally! I will always remember dear Belbab, Anderson's and Mr. Flipper. Simon AND his family are the ones that made this possible. This is charity work of the highest kind. Simon: I hope you get your personal "Nirvana" in THIS Lifetime ;-)

    There is not enough money that could pay for the services this site provides.

    I am not telling you to leave sarahsmile, because that would make us equal to the evil Borg. Stay and try to open your perspective.

    Oh......and try to smile once in a while. It does help!

  • Fernando

    I would hazard a guess that Simon earns at most 1% of what he otherwise could when he donates many hours of his precious time to the labour of love that is JWN which generously and voluntarily serves atheists and believers alike.

    How many hours would you and I be willing to work for one hundredth of our hourly rate?

    If it is such a headache-free money-spinner, why did Simon once consider closing up shop?

    Of course, I too would appreciate more civil behaviour from those JWNers that pray for my conversion to atheism.

    And seriously, there have to be better ways to make money than elusive (and illusive) traffic from thousands hundreds of visitors busily ignoring adverts.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    OFF topic but whats wrong with making money on a website that exsposes an evil and maniputive organisation?

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