BOE Letter: Re: Our Kingdom Ministry

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  • pixel

    You read it here first!

    Re: Our Kingdom Ministry

    Dear Brothers:

    We are pleased to inform you that Our Kingdom Ministry is now available for download
    in the public area of in the “Publications” section. In due course, it will also be available
    in Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY. Anyone who desires to receive a copy of Our Kingdom Ministry,
    including disfellowshipped persons, may receive one. If you no longer need to receive a
    printed copy of Our Kingdom Ministry, please inform the coordinator of the body of elders.
    We send our warm Christian love.

    PS to body of elders:
    Please arrange for this letter to be read to the congregation at the first Service Meeting after
    its receipt. Thereafter, it should be posted on the information board.
    In some languages, multiple editions of Our Kingdom Ministry are produced for use in
    different countries. However, only one electronic edition per language will be available to the
    public. If the edition of Our Kingdom Ministry available in the public area of is not the
    edition used in your congregation, you should inform the audience that they will need to continue
    to obtain Our Kingdom Ministry from the congregation. For the time being, all editions of Our
    Kingdom Ministry will continue to be available for download in the secure area of
    Additionally, it will no longer be necessary for the coordinator of the body of elders to
    receive and distribute printed copies of Our Kingdom Ministry. Rather, the magazine servant
    may be provided with a list of individuals who have requested to receive a copy, and he may care
    for the distribution at congregation meetings. If the congregation will now need fewer printed
    copies of Our Kingdom Ministry, consideration should be given to adjusting the quantity requested
    from the branch office.

  • BluesBrother

    I don't know whether to say "Anything to save money !" or

    " a progressive step in the right direction"

    Either, it is interesting and will be useful - although in the U K we have an edition for Brits.

  • jw07

    Ooops! It looks like too many JWs have been straying on to 'apostate' websites like JW Leaks to download Kingdom Ministries

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    What it means is that the KM will now be so vacuous and general there's no reason to keep it "secret" anymore.

    More dumbing down.

  • pixel

    I think is what DCMS said. And to save $ too!

  • Da.Furious

    Thanks Pixel.

    @BluesBrother, someone on another post said that the english KM will be global from September. In my experience, i was using the US version from JWLeaks and the only difference i noticed was the stats they publish, all talks and discussions are identical.

    BTW, i live in London!

  • clarity

    Wow ...removing something of the mystery ooohhhhh,

    ha hahh ... withholding that silly piece of paper held

    thousands in the "spiritually weak" group!

    Hey, I was there ..........hah!


  • Jeannette

    And who cares?

  • Quarterback

    Just wait. Pretty soon we will be able to download letters to the BOE's.

  • sir82

    What it means is that the KM will now be so vacuous and general


    That implies that at some point it was profound, or at least interesting. It's had all the depth of a bacteria culture in a petri dish for the past, oh, 6 decades or so.

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