Have you had a crisis of concience?

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    LO.L...Now its funny

  • SAHS

    One “crisis of conscience” I have regarding humans eating animals is the way in which people deliberately and callously choose to treat them, causing them unnecessary suffering in the way they are kept, handled, and slaughtered. The thing that really gets me upset and mad is the use of agonizingly painful anal electrocution done on foxes and minks on these “fur farms” – not for them to be eaten, but, rather, just for their fur. This is absolutely despicable, heinous, and simply intolerable, because it’s a totally unnecessary method of slaughter. It is done just to avoid any kind of “damage” to the fur. So, those people would rather put the poor creatures through that than poke a tiny hole in the fur with a needle to administer a more humane method. Or, they could simply asphyxiate them using some lethal but painless gas – which would also still keep the fur totally pristine. But, no. They just couldn’t be bothered. (People like that are lower than any pile of shit.)

    The other “crisis of conscience” I have is the nature of life wherein animals are hardwired to savagely and cruelly attack and eat each other, with some animals eating members of its own species, sometimes even their own offspring, just to survive their harsh and seemingly meaningless existence. I am disturbed and appalled by the constant savagery in the entire animal kingdom, where sensitive biological beings always have to suffer fear and anxiety about being terrorized and painfully attacked, often horrifically being eaten alive. Not to mention all the competition and fighting over space, food, and mates. (Ever seen footage of large herds of elephant seals or walruses jabbing each other with those long, sharp tusks, causing painful and bloody gashes, which are subject to agonizing infection? Ouch!) There are so many nature documentaries showing all this pain, aggression, struggling, and suffering. It seems that the basic nature of biological existence is, Eat and be eaten. That is another reason which convinces me that there really is no “god,” at least in the sense of a “deity” which most people think of. (I’m now an agnostic.) And I’m glad. Because if there was a magical “god,” such as Jehovah, then he/she/it must be quite the asshole, when you really think of it.

  • LisaRose

    I do eat organic and free range eggs and organic chicken, not only for health reasons and because they taste better, but because I feel it is more humane.

    I admire people like Temple Grandin, who helped revolutionize cattle processing in this country. She felt that the cattle would not be alive if they weren't being raised to be eaten, but that we owed them a humane death. There is a movie about her, it's very interesting.

  • Londo111

    I went vegetarian for a year for this reason...it wasn’t easy. Maybe in the future I will try again.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    SAHS: You write with great passion and express my similar thoughts in a way i wish i could.

    I am sure an animals capcaity for suffering is not less than mine.

    I think we tend to label people. At the moment i am not eating meat, but i eat fish. I mean no disrespect to anyone buti think it sad that the poor in socirty who can't afford organic food or free range are really eating meet which isn't even healthy.( in my opinion)

  • LisaRose

    I agree New Hope. If more people who can afford organic make that choice it does tend to bring the cost down overall, so I hope the people who can afford it make that choice. My husband doesn't care that much about organic, but he likes organic chicken much better just based on the taste. Once you try it there is no going back. Trader Joe's organic chicken is pretty affordable. Eating less or no meat is always an option as well, I try to have at least one no meat dinner a week.

    Organic beef is much more expensive at this point and not that affordable for most people, including me. I eat some organic hamburger, but mostly I just don't eat beef that often. I would like to eat only grass fed beef, but that is impracticle at this point. I am glad that beef is now more humanely processed though.

    Have you seen the movie Food, Inc.? It really opens your eyes to the problems with manufactured foods.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Thank you Liza Rose for the reply. Freerange and organic chickens produce a healther fat content, so not only is taste king, your hubby eating healther also.

    No i havn't seen the film " food inc" but thats not too say i wont in the future.

    Londo111:- you do want your concience tells you with what you eat. But as i said on an earlier post " Health is Wealth" and i am convinced as we get older its very wise to avoid cheaper and less quality food products if affordable.

    I wonder how in a hundred years time how our eating habits will have changed? I think vegetarian food will be much more popular and of greater selection.Unfortunately i bet we still have the starving Millions.

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