Who Is Your Favorite Late Show Talk Host Of All Time?

by minimus 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • ShirleyW

    Of course Carson, Letterman Leno.

    I don't understand why Fallon is so great, he giggles like a school girl when he interviews, and don't even ask about Seth Myers, WOW, seems like eleven year old boys are in charge of late night programming at NBC.

    Kimmel was funny when he was on The Man Show, I only watch him when he has someone on I want to see, I've seen the clips where celebs read the bad tweets about themselves, that's funny.

  • minimus
    Years ago I used to watch Arsenio for the music, mostly. I saw his new show a couple of years ago and it was horrible. Conan always made me fidget. Leno, to me was beat up on for no good reason. He was funny.
  • flipper
    Johnny Carson was the best in who I liked. As Desirous mentioned he had such a quick wit and quick humor you didn't need to " think " if he made you laugh- you just did. Carson's guests were incredible Don Rickles, Rodney Dangerfield, lots of off the wall comedians as well which kept the show interesting and moving. I think Jimmy Fallon is really good and in time if he sticks around he may one day get near to what Carson was- but I doubt it. Carson was an original , don't think we'll see another talk show host like him
  • cappytan

    I always liked Carson and Letterman. Never NEVER liked Leno. Leno was funny back in the day, but The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was never really that funny.

    Letterman was the King after Carson retired, in my opinion.

    Just take a look at the following clip - Leno or Fallon would NEVER do that...but Dave did, and I died laughing when it happened.


  • whathehadas
    I don't have a favorite. They were all funny in their own way. Carson was before my time. Letterman seemed grumpy but the top 10 always gave me a few laughs. Leno was cheesy funny. Conan was corny. Kimmel and Fallon are both funny and smart. Arsenio was a good interviewer and had guest who wouldn't have got a shot before pop culture evolved
  • _Morpheus
    Space ghost. He hosted a show called "space ghost coast to coast". It was comedic gold

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