" Special " one day convention! What's the breakdown??

by DATA-DOG 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • leaving_quietly
    My elder brother-in-law had no clue when I asked him because he didn't go to the elders meeting at lunch time. Ridiculous amount. And, yep, a WT-owned facility.
  • sparrowdown

    The sermon on the amount goes something like this

    "We are all out of toilet paper so we will be needing one million dollars.".....

  • stuckinarut2

    Our circuit assembly was a few weeks back.....

    Again the accounts report said "we have a deficit of $7000...blah blah but we are sure though that this will be covered by your generous donations"

    Next time you hear these "accounts reports", listen to the figure they START with from the last assembly. They were always in CREDIT, then DONATED any excess to the "society" so that we went back to being in deficit again!....

    Why not, I dunno, say, keep some aside for the next assembly so that you DONT start in debt to begin with??

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