To My JW Brothers and Sisters

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  • Tenacious

    I don't know Frank, history has been against the FDS from the beginning. All starting with Russell being a Mason down to our time with Losch pushing child baptism. We are talking over 130 years of contradictions and failed prophecies.

    The growth seen is based on the harsh physiological conditioning of members for generations over.

    The FDS/GB/WTS and whatever else they can be called seem to have never had God's blessing.

    For a second, say we do stand up as a group and speak out. The only result would be an expedited exit from the WTS with pink slip in hand. The GB do not take orders or even consider rational discussions (see CoC R. Franz) they are as arrogant as any of those Wall Street Bankers.

    I think at this point in the game, all we can do is pray that God brings the change those sincere brothers and sisters are looking for and have for many, many decades.

  • oppostate
    @Hold Me-Thrill Me

    Dear Frank,

    Your words indicate you're a Christian man of faith. In this discussion forum there are many people who have lost faith due to their experience with the Watchtower, its rules and its mistreatment of people.

    I haven't lost my faith in Jehovah God and Jesus Christ only because I can see the difference between the Organization (those who claim to speak for God) and God himself. But I can understand those who've left and have lost their faith due to the hurt and disappointments they've felt while in the Organization. I am very "opposed" to the half-truths and the lack of humility when those who govern the Organization make mistakes and then blame it on the ones that followed them.

    There are also quite a few here who still consider themselves believers in God, and I encourage you to share with others your experiences and your thoughts because it can be liberating to vent and rant without fear of retaliation. If discouraging words from atheists are something you can't stomach, then address your posts very clearly to those who still believe in God, if they're not interested in the topic then they'll skip it--No need to make you feel bad about sharing. Although from time to time you'll find here some who just like to jab at believers, it must be fun for them to act like jerks, maybe, I don't really know why, But people are people and everyone has the right to express their opinions whether they believe in God or not.

    If you haven't read the book entitled Crisis of Conscience I very highly recommend it to you. I had a chance to translate the chapter on the Governing Body into Spanish among others, and proofread the book before publication. It was a great experience, very eye-opening to take time and read it slowly and with understanding. It was a life changer for me and I felt it really reinforced my faith not in an Organization but in the Bible and its message.

    So welcome to the discussion forum, I'm glad you found your way here, my brother.


  • a watcher
    a watcher

    James, the spiritual feast we are about to receive at our Regional Conventions is ALL ABOUT JESUS. How is that rotten?

    I'm not responsible for the behavior of the GB, right or wrong, so why should it be of major importance to me?

    I'm too busy working on my present and future friendship with Jehovah and Jesus. I don't have time to be obsessing over what the GB is doing.

  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me


    Your post was very encouraging. Thank you so much.


  • Tenacious
    I don't have time to be obsessing over what the GB is doing.
    Soooo, I'm guessing you don't listen to them? As in the publications?
  • oppostate
    Your post was very encouraging. Thank you so much.

    Likewise, Frank, thanks for your original post in the discussion forum. It took some tenacious daring-do for you, no doubt, since you weren't scared away by some of the other posts people share here.

    Take the good and dump the bad, like the dragnet. Each person needs to work out their own salvation through their faith in God and Christ. Although, if we can encourage one another, we should, and that's a blessing.

    We can't gain salvation for others, they need to put faith in Jesus Christ. But we can't judge anyone, God can read hearts and knows what each person has gone through. If we had to walk in each others sandals I'm sure we'd see everything with more understanding of who they are and how our experiences have a big part in molding us into who we are as people.

    Tell us how you ended up here, feel free to share more, if you're comfortable with that.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Tenacious, I listen to them, because they are the GB of the religion that I choose to be a part of.

    But I don't always agree with them.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    a watcher: I'm not belittling you but I don't get it. I left because they were

    not teaching the truth, they told me a lot of lies. If Jehovah is not directing

    the organization by way of the GB, why stay. Yes your Convention is

    all about Jesus, but when you pray is it ok to say in the name of Jesus I

    offer this prayer, or is still the Anointed that can pray in Jesus name only????

  • umbertoecho

    A watcher.

    This religion has bypassed Christ and taken his place as the head of the congregations. They hardly pay the respect that the Almighty has deemed a fitting response to the one who will do all the sorting, who will be charge of things before and after Armageddon. Namely Christ. There it is as clear as a bright day in the NT that we must respect the position of Christ, he came to do away with the old laws and teach a different way.

    So how can any cause, religion, cult or themselves remotely in the "truth" of this spiritual matter, when they seem to actually fear giving due respect and authority to the Christ. Then upon being asked if they are Christian, point blank....they will some how manage to say yes but with this caveat; but we are known as Jehovah's Witnesses?

    They have physically put themselves above Christ these days. I have listened at meetings and have read that these men have now decided they are the ones who have God's backing. Preaching work aside, they only take care of their own members and often they fail to do that. I found a very ancient witness lady in a nursing home roughly three years ago. She was a true believer, yet she was never visited by any witness. It was pure chance that I was assisting another woman who had just been admitted, that this woman came to anyone's attention. The nurses said no one bothered with this woman.

    At meetings, people are praying for God to benefit the GB, thanking God for the GB. They no longer thank God for Christ. Doesn't that mean something to you?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Try closing a pray at the KH "In the name of my Savior Jesus Christ

    and see what will happen. Your Savior is the GB....If you insist you

    will be DF before you can say I'm sorry.. You pray to Jehovah and the GB...

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