Tips and tricks from the ladies......

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    Is their tips or tricks that you could share to get a man to fall deeper in love w/ you, how do you rejuvinate(sp) the spark, how do you make it always feel like the first time you've met and fell in love? What does it take to prove that you really do love someone? And what does it take to prove this to that person?



    I`d have to agree with LB and Scully.Theres usualy a good reason why your not together.Trying to patch it up just dosen`t work most of the time.Move on and learn from your mistakes.It may tear your heart out at the time,but it`s better than living in a shitty relationship...OUTLAW

  • animal

    Take it from a guy that lived by the 3 F's all my life.... dont smother him trying to get him back. It will repel him more, at least it did me. I got lucky and found one that doesnt like all the mushy shit, and never tells me what to do.

    Move on, find another, if that dont work, find another, etc.....


    DOH.. make that 4 F's

  • Introspection

    Listen to what you're saying, is there a way to trick someone into loving you? Is that really love?

    In my experience, if you really love someone, I mean in the absolute sense, it isn't dependent on them loving you back.

  • messenger


    Get naked

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    into, excellent point about tricking someone into love!!

    slip, excellent point about anal


  • KJV

    "Anal" and "Swallow". hmmmmm? Interesting advice.

  • SYN

    KJV: These people were KIDDING!

  • Fatal Error
    Fatal Error

    Sounds like KJV needs some anal excavation to remove that broomstick jammed up his butt...

  • larc

    Well but,

    You are new at this, aren't you? You see, it has nothing to do with sucking dick or tricking someone into love. If you have a relationship, it has to do with making the relationship last. It has to do with getting married, having kids, and living in a family. It has to do with putting up with the man when he comes home from work, and he is so tired he can't get it up. It has to do with the man putting up with you when he is horny and you are tired at the end of the day taking care of the children. Love is not sex, and sex happens sometimes in between all the obligations of life. If you can't face that, then don't get married, and don't have a long term relationship, just get a fuck to go.

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