Watchtower Memorial Day makes local UK newspaper

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  • TableForOne

    A tragic, but honest, story. Well written, in my opinion.

    I'd like to see how the local JW's would handle this being mentioned to them this Saturday morning in the ministry.

    It's just a shame it's only a local newspaper, not a national.


  • berrygerry

    More stories like this are needed.

    They are way too common.

  • Phizzy

    A very good anti-witness, may there be many more such as this so that the Public can see what a nasty Cult this silly little religion is.

  • Zoos

    Hopefully The Bucks Herald is a much read newspaper.

    Too bad we can't read what the sign said. The local Witnesses will only see her as someone who was too lazy to carry the responsibility of earning her way into paradise.

  • TableForOne

    Watchtower Memorial Day sign

    Zoos: Here's the sign.

    Make the image larger and it all becomes readable.


  • Stormcrow

    My eldest brother, mother and step-father are in this cong. They, of course, are completely po-faced about it because the lady in question had married out of the truth after a failed marriage to a brother. I'm repeating what I was told...don't know for sure. My brother just made a sarcastic comment, which made me want to slap him with a wet flounder. What is wrong with these people?

  • carla

    I wish this made national news here in the US!

    Congratulations to that young lady who has found a life outside the wt!

  • zeb

    Pity we cant read what she wrote. Would some one in the Uk send this onto a big Newspaper in the UK?

  • Londo111
  • OneEyedJoe

    For you old folks with bad eyes , here's the text of the sign:

    Watchtower Fictims Memorial Day - 26TH July 2014

    For my parents, sister, brother, and dear friends who have shunned me for over 5 years.

    For the wasted gifts and talents I was not allowed to pursue.

    For the magic of childhood Christmasses and Birthdays I was denied.

    For a childhood of enforced alienation from my peers.

    For the irrational fear, guild and nighmares which still haund me as an adult.

    For my beautiful daughter who has never been acknowledged by her grandparents, aunts and uncles, simply because she is mine.

    Most importantly, for those not as fortunate as me. Those still trapped because of fear. Those whose lives will forever be blighted by the rampant child abuse still going on within this organization. Those who have needlessly lost their lives because they refused a blood transfusion. Those who have taken their own lives because they simply cannot cope with the damage that has been done to them, or the prospect of being shunned by tloved ones.


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