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  • Vidiot

    truthwillsetyoufree - "Prior to this, a brother told me that it was customary now for elders to ask inactive ones who want to reactivate about whether they have committed sins whilst being inactive..."

    Yeah, they've had that policy for a while, now.

    truthwillsetyoufree - "I also have a friend who recently got reinstated and immediately became inactive..."

    And that's a big part of why.

    They wanna make sure that doesn't happen ('specially since the Nancy Sage incident), 'cause it's really embarassing.

  • bafh

    I am considering going back. I agree with JWs as far as doctrine goes - I do not agree with most of what happens in the organization. I consider going back for social reasons only. I don't believe in confession, and I don't plan on becoming active in service again. I would like to just attend without all the pressure. Although, I don't have any false sense that I will not be shunned anyway because I am not active. But maybe I would find others like me who are still attending.

    If the elders ask, my response would be, "just because someone is not attending the meetings, it does not mean they have lost all moral sense. I have nothing to confess."

  • Viviane

    I am considering going back. I agree with JWs as far as doctrine goes

    So you agree with:

    • no blood
    • 1925
    • 1914
    • 144000
    • no heaven
    • no hell
    • disfellowshipping
    • shunning
    • child baptism
    • hiding child molestors
    • Holy spirit appointing elders
    • no cross
    • Jesus not being your mediator

    Well. OK then. Good luck.

  • bafh

    Uh, no. I believe in the basics. I think they will change their mind about 1914 and blood within the next five years. I don't believe in child baptism - Jesus was 30 when he was baptized. I do believe that Jesus is our mediator. I don't think it matters what shape the pole was where he died. I also don't believe in hiding child molesters. I don't believe in disfellowshipping except in extreme cases. I don't beleive in confession of sins to the elders - at least not how it is now. I think the Catholics have that one right. I don't believe in hell. I do believe in Heaven. Am I going there? I don't think so.

    There is a lot I disagree with - I'm torn. There is for me, as a 4th generation born-in, a lot of social pressure. I'm jus trying to weigh my options.

  • OneEyedJoe

    So what exactly is the doctrine you do believe in? That there'll be a paradise earth for people to live on? Do you think only JWs will make it through armageddon? That's another key doctrine. Since you don't agree on 1914, do you also disagree that JC chose the JWs in 1919? If so, doesn't that make them just like any other high-control christian group following the every whim of it's leader(s)? I.e. doesn't that make it a dangerous cult?

  • Viviane

    Uh, no. I believe in the basics.

    What are "the basics"?

  • jgnat

    Yeah, what are the basics? The best I could come up with is the couple hundred baptism questions which includes a question about hygiene. If I were to summarize futher, the WTS essentially distinguishes itself from Christendom by way of a long list of things they DON'T believe in (don't believe in the Trinity, infant baptism, passing the offering plate, paid clergy). The WTS doctrine is essentially "believe what we printed this week".

    Compare that the to the neat and tidy Nicene Creed.

    You can be a social Witness for a while I think. Pressure will be brought to bear and you will be snubbed in subtle ways. For instance, you won't "qualify" for the KM. My hubby while he attended was very much like you.

  • bafh

    Here is what I agree on:

    Paradise Earth - Jehovah decides who gets in, not us ( I belive the scriptures say he will destroy the "system" of things, so I believe it is the infrastructure, and those who hang on to that. There are few evil people who benefit from things just as they are even though it is not good for most of us)

    Resurrection - J will bring back who he wants

    Death - I do not believe in hell - the dead are dead.

    Bible principals - I believe in living those.

    Those are the basics for me. I guess. Not much there, really. I am just struggling - so I come here hoping for some support - not judgement. I hope people who are born-in can understand and help me out a bit.

  • Viviane

    The best thing anyone can do is teach you to use critical thinking for yourself. Why do you think those are the basics? Which biblical principles do you like? Slavery? Genocide? Killing billions of people? Concubines?

  • OneEyedJoe

    3rd gen born-in here. I think I can relate to what you're going through somewhat, but most of the doctrine questioning for me stopped in my late teens when I started thinking to myself "If I hadn't been raised a JW, I'm sure I'd have ended up an atheist." At that point, I entered a long period where I felt like something was wrong, but couldn't come to terms with the possibility that they'd been distorting the truth, changing the bible to fit doctrine and essentially making it up as they go along for a bit over a century. jwfacts.com was what finally got me over that hurdle.

    You might take a look at the article on paradise earth on jwfacts (http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/earth-forever.php) as it seems like it's applicable to where you currently are in your journey.

    Also, another article that you might find eye opening is this one:http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/salvation-only-for-jehovahs-witnesses.php

    From what you said, the only thing that seperates you from just about any mainstream christian religion is the belief in paradise earth. You might do some research on that doctrine and see if you might be better suited going to some other church that doesn't have so much doctrine that you disagree with (shunning, time prophecies, child baptism, jesus as mediator for 144,000 only, etc).

    It's a journey to be sure, but I'd suggest that if you're already inactive and out, you might be better of being sure that you want to go back before you start the process. I'd LOVE to be where you are right now as far as that goes, and it would be a shame for you to pop up on their radar only to regret it later and get yourself DFd and fully shunned by family (if they're not already shunning you).


    You might also find this article on jwfacts interesting:


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