Recording of Telephone Call made to London Bethel Alarming!

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  • happy@last
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    Bethel are not interested in cases like this, if they were the person that answered would have asked for specifics and given the caller some sort of comfort and reassurance, even if nothing was done after that. I knew of someone who wrote to bethel and was written back and told not to bother them and speak to the local elders, it was a complaint about the local elders so guess how that went!

  • J.C.

    Although the telephone answerer seemed incompetent. What was he supposed to do ? Solve problem on the phone ? This is stupid thread. Write a letter explaining the situation. ProbLem is. I did that wrote a letter. What happened ? They threw it back to the incompetents the letter was about. Protecting their own. Covering their asses. If you go over the people you have trouble with. The ones above back the chain of command. Solution. Walk. Away. There is no justice.

  • Stormcrow

    When you find out for the first time that elders will lie their heads off to cover up their own mistakes, it is a shattering experience. When you find out that " higher-ups" don't give a damn...well, that pulverizes the little bits of you that are left. I am not surprised that Meadows was emotional, we expect decency and fair play from those taking the lead amongst us. Some elders have become the society's yes-men and they talk politician-speak. I think the apostle Paul made a mistake when he did not include a minimum IQ as a pre-requisite for older men.

    Jehovah always cleans up his org, but he let's things become egregious first. Many are serving an org rather than a God. All of this will one day hit the fan and there will be a modern day Babylonian Exile; so DO continue serving Jehovah on your own if need be. He is your only judge and he can see the heart of you. Sadly, you are not alone, on the other hand, happily, you are not alone.

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