CO position going away

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  • prologos

    with green handshakes not going to outsiders parachuted in, more cashflow posiible, -perhaps not likely- to the inner party.

    Many temporary COs are locals already.

  • toweragent

    How is that when CO's are supposed to be single handenly responsible for appointments and deletion? Why would they give them that responisbility, just to axe them later? Unless that was handed over to the local rotation brother?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think they'd lose a lot if they drop the CO and replace him with "ordinary" (though prominent) local Elders. MAYBE if they send in the bigshot Elder from a nearby circuit, but JWs are really caught up in titles -- CO, DO, Pioneer, Elder, MS, Bethelite, FORMER Bethelite or CO/DO.

    But $$$ will probably trump status.


  • OneEyedJoe

    toweragent - the change in appointment/deletion of elders was almost certainly a response to the candice conti case, and is probably just a stop-gap measure to prevent future lawsuits (at least, prevent lawsuits against the org). I'd bet that the authority to appoint/delete elders would go to the 3 brothers assigned to the circuit as a committee, or just to the brother assigned to the congregation in question. There's no reason for them to take over with that anyway, it's not like the GB was actually getting holy spirit when they rubber-stamped the appointments.

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