Hypocrisy of a paragraph in the "Draw Close to Jehovah" book!

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  • goingthruthemotions

    i keep from going insane at the meeting by:

    1. reading the scriptures as a whole and then leaning over to my wife and showing how wrong the references is to how the study is trying to present it. causing her to give me a dirty look and then i laughing inside. after i show her these thing....I then tell her how much i love her. it called positive re-enforcement training for what i teach.

    2. looking at the sheeple nod there heads in agreement and laughing inside and wondering what each of there I.Q.'s are. my guess is the average JW ZOMBIE is around 80-89 which is low average mentality.

    3. take my son's out to breaks and in a low key way tell them how wrong the teaching are and tell them how much i love them. positive re-enforcement for what i teach.

    you know...a good thing is. we are always late for the meetings. my wife could not make it on time to save her life. and we both don't have a problem missing.


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