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  • wisdomfrombelow

    One of the parts had a skit with 3 or 4 young brothers playing a game of "what I will look forward to in the new system". One wanted a house by the beach. One wanted a house in the forest. One wanted to travel the backpack across country for 25 years. They also used the scripture where God is "opening his hand and satisfying the desire of every living thing" as justifcation that what they want is ok...because they desire it so God could give it. (I'm quite sure teenage boys might desire something different than a house.)

    I sat there and thought "Why does everything they want seem materialistic?" I also thought, if it was not bad to have these things why should they have to wait until the "new system" to get them? Is getting them NOW a sin and somehow LATER no longer a sin. (Like sex before and after marriage?) I can see people putting off their desires for some future time just to impress people who make arbitrary non-biblical rules as such a waste of time and effort. Everyone is encouraged to pioneer but there is no bibical command to pioneer. In fact the definition and requirements of pioneering changed so many times. Why not live life now and pioneer in good and perfect health in the new system...for an eternity...that seems like a better deal than putting all personal desires off now and growing old and regretful.


    Those kids immediately went home and masturbated to unlawful sex acts via the internet.


  • Mum

    The "New World/System/Order" or whatever thery're calling it now gives no incentive for achievement, development, challenge or anything that keeps life from being humdrum and completely boring. Apparently, there is no adventure, or anything to write books or plays about, no passion -- in short, a "life" with no life in it.

    As you say, they need to get busy doing whatever they want to do NOW because their future is devoid of opportunity.

    Your post reminds me of what one of my Spanish professors once asked: Would you really want to spend eternity with the people at Highland Park Baptist?

  • cultBgone

    Wisdom, you are so correct. It IS weird that the gb/wts teaches people to WAIT on materialism and WAIT on normal sexual relations...and then say it's okay later, but only when we tell you it's okay.

    Cheezuswhiz. They are some kind of crazy.

  • stuckinarut2

    This exact thing is why so many of us (and still in witnesses) are so messed up!

    We spent a lifetime trying to reconcile normal feelings with what we were told was evil or wrong, then somehow the very same feelings are suddenly ok at a different time or in a different sitaution!!??

    I mean, as a youth, sex was wrong wrong wrong...so was even looking at a girl and thinking she was pretty or even sexy... So, then suddenly one finds themselves married, and an intense inner battle goes on because thoughts and feelings that were WRONG, are now RIGHT!

    No wonder so may witnesses are messed up!

    Same with desiring to better oneself with accomplishments and aquisitions / assets.... it is WRONG, but soon it will be RIGHT??!! in fact it is being held out as a "carrot" via these conventions!

    Its a head f#@k!

  • Pterist

    ***** Why does everything they want seem materialistic?" ***

    NOT even, they are lying to you. Did you not know there is no marriage or giving in marriage in the new system. You will like angels ASEXUAL.

    so no family unit of privacy, no house on the beach, no wifey, no kids, just one big camp of gay/happy leaping ASEXUALS LOL ...

    i would rather have a spiritual resurrection and explore new dimensions in God's awesome eternity, (if I was so blessed,) rather than being CASTRATED !

    just sayin :)

  • Quarterback

    I have had many conversations with guys, about what life would be like in the New System, and it didn't go exactly the way it was displayed at the RC. For one thing, Back packing is more desirious before the end of this system because of the interesting things that exists. The Great Wall of China, the Leaning Twr of Pisa. Europe, Prague, etc. You can live now on the lake, or in the forest, even if you are pioneering. In the New System, what will happen when everyone wants to live there? One important thing that was left out of the conversation was, guys do like to talk about chicks, and I'm not talking poultry

  • WTWizard

    Going into the new financial system, I would like to have at least 666 ounces of silver. More would be even better. From there, I will just watch the dollar become toilet paper, watch silver be the new currency where it is valued at something like 7,000 of today's toilet papers per ounce, and figure out what to do with it then. I do not believe a whole new system where joke-hova brings us to perfection is possible without being perfect slaves, and that would mean not having anything material. A jokehovian new world would be the perfect communist society.

  • BU2B

    That symposium was dreadful. The way they depict the new world, I would never want to go there. Whats the point in travel when there is only one language, culture, all cultural landmarks, buildings, and cities are destroyed, etc. I always thought of this even when fully in. What would France be without Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Palaces, their own distinct language and cuture etc? Just more land. I love all the cities, languages and unique cultures of the world.. Things that would all be destroyed at armageddon. What fun is life where everyone is "perfect" whatever that means, and egages in groupthink on a worldwide scale?

  • sowhatnow

    bu2b i never thought of that! yea how boring, though once an elder said to me when we were having a conversation, in a car out in service

    that God is not wasteful hes not going to destroy perfectly god buildings and roads and things.

    becasue he felt the system we live in now will have to stay this way, and gradually work backwards as people are 'resurected'

    in 'waves' so that we can not shock those ones with a strange world.

    the flawed logic with that is how anyone who is dependant on modern technology can EVER go backwards would ever be able to, we dont think that way anymore.

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