If I was God..

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  • MadGiant

    I can't even start to imagine the existence of a god but, if I was a god, I would destroy myself.

    But let's talk about your sin "deterrent system" and I going to answer with one word, Mexican Food. (Ok that's two words)

    I love Mexican Food but, their is a problem, it's hot when you are eating it and it's hot when your body dispose of it. Yet, their is NOTHING on this planet that would make me stop from getting Mexican Food.

    What I am trying to say is that we are humans. What we need to do is educate our selfs and our kids, teach them manners, character, proper behavior. How to act toward others. Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told to do.


  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Also if I were God all of Adam's offspring would get a second chance on the basis of Jesus ransom - whether they profess faith in Jesus or not. Why? Because all are dying because of Adam's sin - whether they believe in Adam or not. For Jesus to truly be the second Adam and undo the effects of Adam's sin, his sacrifice should be applied to all automatically just as the curse of Adam's sin was applied to all automatically.

    I would not hold any imperfect human accountable for the sins he commits in his imperfection by destroying him forever. Why? Because all imperfect humans lack perfect free will. They are all under the mitigating circumstances of imperfection. All the bad that wicked humans do, I can and will undo so all the harm caused by wicked people will be erased.

    Does this mean there will be no deterrent to wickedness? No. I would implement an eye for an eye law, naturally. What that means is that whenever someone deliberately kills or harms someone, the same pain or death brought on by that wrongdoer is naturally visited back on him without any human judges or jury being required. Thus there is no abuse of justice by imperfect humans. No humans will be required to execute murderers. No innocent persons would be wrongly condemned. The guilty would be made to suffer the very wrongs they inflict on others, soon after inflicting them. The world would be a much better place. Everyone would have empathy because if you failed to imagine the pain you'll do your fellow man before you harm him, you wouldn't fail to actually experience it after you harm him.

    There would be no need for Armageddon and there would have been no need for a flood because the eye for an eye law of quick divine justice would all but stamp out violence. The eye for an eye law will keep violence in check the same way gravity keeps everything on the ground. Only insane and suicidal people would think of deliberately harming others.

    There would be no question of my right to rule mankind - no issue of universal sovereignty to be resolved. Such a question is borne of ignorance. I would be so transparent in my dealings and my reasons for what I require that all would know that my rule is just and that I have their best interests at heart. There would be no reason for suspicion of my motives. Of course this means that Satan could not have deceived Eve into thinking that I am selfish and withholding good from her, which in turn means that the whole issue of sin never would have been introduced into the world to begin with.

    I wouldn't just give humans laws. I would also explain to them the reason behind the laws. I would explain to them exactly how following a law like "do not make clothing out of two different types of fabric" benefits them in a practical way and the harm that disobeying will cause. I will not require blind obedience based on my power.

    I would not be an egocentric maniac who requires others to worship me. I would not require others fearing me. I would welcome others questioning my reasons for doing things a certain way and would provide explanations for it. I would be 110% transparent and approachable. People would love me because they want to. People would obey me because they know what I ask is true and is in their best interests - not because they're just trusting in me or fearing me.

    This is how my world would work If I were God.

  • jam

    MadGaint: good point "is nothing on this planet that would make me stop

    eating Mexican Food" but the question will you be able to commit rape

    or murder when those beans and chili peppers are fighting in your stomach.

    I agree, education is the best method...

    Island man: We have had Moon Gods, Love Gods, Sun Gods and War Gods,

    I think it's time for a Fair God.. Are you up for the job...

  • J.C.

    How about. When you create something perfect ... And the choice between good and bad comes up.. Something PERFECT ... Always chooses good .... Makes sense ??? Does to me ...

  • jam

    J.C: Yes that makes sense, but way to simple for JW's GOD..

    One thing he could have done, take pleasure out of

    sex. Mans biggest downfall. The real story about

    Adam and EVE, if you don't eat from that tree you will be

    sleeping in the south end of the garden tonight.

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