The JW.ORG craziness has begun....

by cultBgone 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • cultBgone

    I guess it was bound to happen....

    Just saw a Facebook post where the user updated their profile picture to be the blue square logo.

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry. WORSHIP THE bORG, you people!!!!

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    It probably won't be too long before WT makes one exception that allows tattoos- if a JW wants to get "JW.Org" tattooed on their forehead, WT will call it part of their 'sacred service'.

  • cultBgone

    And if they tattoo it on their butt, where it belongs, will the eldubs have to see it to approve it?

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    And if they tattoo it on their butt, where it belongs, will the eldubs have to see it to approve it?

    Only if it's on an Elder's will be inspected by the wannabe ministerial servant or new elder hopeful who's already down there kissing it.

  • frankiespeakin

    'O what a beautiful symbol for the Organization' gushes the brain dead drones about the talented way the Brothers working at Bethel thought up such a thought provoking and simple emblem to advertize advertize advertize the King and His Kingdom!! Yeah WT you done it again another victory of Jehovah over Satan's Internet!!!

  • donuthole

    The irony of the idolotary is breathtaking. At least the cross is supposed to be a symbol for Christ. This is a logo for an organization.

  • sparrowdown

    These people have little else to get excited about, except a sad little blue square.

  • Zoos

    I had lunch with the only JW I'm still in contact with (covertly) and she made the comment yesterday, "We don't preach the good news of the kingdom anymore. We promote a website."

  • steve2

    Zoos, that's a very astute observation for a JW to make - so accurate ... and damning.

    The astonishing irony is it renders door-to-door "work"a waste of time by contrast. Behind every cuddle of the logo is a step or two away from getting out there to preach.

  • galaxie

    Im so glad the new light has directed the fds this way, its an example of new light instigators being influenced by ' worldly technology ' first !!

    Who would have thought eh ?!!

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