Why are 'most' of the people fighting in the Middle East MEN???

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    It seems that in EVERY war or revolution, 'most' of the participants are MEN and young boys. Aside from the occasional female suicide bomber. Does this have something to do with their religion and/ or cultural traditions? Are men and boys chosen by evolution to be aggressors and warriors? This seems to be true in virtually every war worldwide. Just wondering.....where are all the women during these conflicts? Is it just a coincidence that all of the 9-11 terrorists were men??

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    The women are not allowed out

  • designs

    Fascinating and embarrassing together.


    Even in Biblical Old testament times, how many FEMALE soldiers or warriors are mentioned in the Bible? Does this also tie in to why JWs are totally ruled by MEN?? Why aren't JW women rebelling against that unequal treatment? They seem to passively accept men as the ultimate rulers over them.

  • fulltimestudent

    It has nothing to do with Mid eastern fighting, but most modern nations enlist women in their military forces.

    Here's some of China's finest female soldiers. (Reminder: I post about China because it is the focus of my studies at Macquarie University.)

    China has not had a military war for a long time, but PLA (People's Liberation Army) detachments (including women) have served in peace-keeping efforts in some places.

    In July 2011, 35 female soldiers became the first generation of missile launch trumpeter.

    Four months later, a female missile launch company was established and they became

    a new force of the Second Artillery Corps.

    Female pilots of the PLA Air Force.

    The female soldiers of a tactical detachment. They are responsible for counter-terrorism task.

  • designs

    Magaret Thatcher took on the mighty Faulkland Island. After that you just don't see many women starting all these wars.

  • Crazyguy

    Men are aggressive have testosterone and are the strong physical ones of the species. Its just the way nature made it.

  • prologos

    In our evolutionary history, the strong men, not hampered by hang-on breast-feeding babies secured the perimeter, did the killing for meat. now,

    they just do the killing. look at those "insurgents" in east ukraine. scary if you have seen them action.

    Middle east?

    it is scary for a woman to face battle-death with 70 eager novice lovers as your heavenly -paradise- reward. ---- but ---for a man,

    having 70 virgins promised as a reward for valor is valid reason die ,

    only true believers need apply.

  • cultBgone

    Women, by nature, tend to nurture rather than kill.

    The closest most of us come to violence is an occasional road rage incident of flipping off someone who shouldn't even have a license.

    If women ran the world, we'd destroy all the weapons and force people to sit down together and talk it out. Seriously.

  • prologos

    cultBgone. the hard part is: You can control your man, men, but

    will the ladies in your adjacent territory guaranty that?

    think of sister ambitious pushing her husband to be the top dog in the Cong.

    a fight with no 'holds barred',-- even if there are no weapons.

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