The Image of Jesus

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  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    It's irrelevant what color or what Messiah looked like, it's what he did that counts

  • designs

    What he did- John 2, whips people in the face at the Temple. Guess he forgot his own sermon that Friday.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The Philadelphia Museum of Art had a major exhibit on "Rembrandt and the Faces of Jesus." Jesus' depiction in Medieval Art always bothered me. The galleries in NY are near the ladies room. I would run through them. He was flat, emaciated, yucky. I discovered that the Vatican imposed a template for Jesus' face on artists. If you wanted to live, you had to follow the rules. They mistakenly believed that a relatively late painting of Jesus was genuine. Rembrandt was the first major Protestant artists. He was free to model Jesus on anyone. Amsterdam was full of Sephardic Jews. They modeled for him.

    The WT is racist. Semitics Jesus' are all over the Internet. I wonder if the GB does not project itself onto images of Jesus. The early Catholic Jesus images caused a strong reaction in me. The WT illustrations are boring. Rembrandt gives him an intimacy. The WT does not. Andy Warhol's images of Jesus are more moving.

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  • Splash

    The "Live Forever" book on p.122 has a picture of the apostles with Jesus.
    Every eye that is shown to the viewer is the brightest blue.


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