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  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    Why do WTS portrayThe Messiah with neatly combed, cut hair and western origin looking in their pictures

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  • Mum

    You need to ask the WTS. I don't think anyone here thinks the way they do.

  • Finkelstein

    It gives him movie star status and appeal.

    Why does the WT/JWS restrict men in their organization to wear beards ?

    Short answer because it wants their representatives to look cleanly appealing in spite of there being no

    bible scripture to coincide with that restriction.


    The WTS. has always enforced a pretentious image around their organization to make themselves stand out

    as being pure and righteously clean among the rest of Chriredom.

    Even to the extent of fumbling with the image of Christ.

    You could say its apart of their self imposed marketing strategy.

  • MadGiant

    "Why do WTS portrayThe Messiah with neatly combed, cut hair and western origin looking in their pictures" - giveme

    Really, will you tell me your agenda? Why you always focus in the same demographics? (JW's)

    You can find a "white" "jesus" painting in the Room of The Segnatura at the Vatican. The thing is Yeshua, if he ever existed should have looked a lot more Middle Eastern seeing as he was... well... Middle Eastern.

    Leonardo and Michelangelo painted jesus "white" during the Renaissance and that became the "definitive" versions of his image, and they were just portraying him as a Italian man, like everyone else in their paintings.

    European paintings from the Medieval ages did the same whitewashing, most likely because, in the age of the Crusades, the Church was better off not reminding people they were praying to a little, brown Jew.

    This racial artistic license isn't exclusive to white people, either, Jesus has been portrayed as Black, Hispanic and Asian, depending on who painted the picture.


    ps: I have no respect for you, my friend.

  • MadGiant
  • MadGiant
  • MadGiant

    Birmingham, Alabama

    Baptist Church

  • fulltimestudent

    This is claimed to be an image of Christ in a Roman church, dated to 530CE, but I cannot get what I would regard as a proper reference.


    and this well-known early example of anti-Christian graffiti, gives a non-Christian view

    the text reads:

    "Alexamenos worships [his] god."

  • fulltimestudent

    and a little searching found this image of Mary with a rather older child Jesus, said to be in Entoto Museum in Addis Ababa.

    File:Ethiopia African potrayal of Jesus.JPG

    I think this suggests an adult Jesus would have a wild looking afro.


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