Noticed my old KH is using a lawn care service

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  • Zoos

    When I was still attending I almost single handedly took care of the outside grounds. I actually enjoyed it - gardening being a hobby. But I turned in the keys to the shed about three months before I made my official exit.

    Since then I noticed various brothers and sisters taking care of the place. Every year they would have a big spring cleaning right before memorial. Yesterday I passed by the hall and noticed a local landscape company truck in the driveway and some guy with a beard (*gasp*) mowing the lawn. Now we all know bearded men will not inherit God's kingdom so it begs the question what kind of situation exists where a hall with three congregations of 90+ publishers each cannot come up with one person to cut the grass. Even if their mower is broken for the time being, I even used my personal mower a couple of times in a situation like that.

    But to bring in worldly people... dead people walking - to cut the grass? What gives?

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    Darth Fader The Sequel


  • cultBgone

    Zoos, love your post! I've seen the same thing at a few of the halls we attended and was appalled that none of the younger ones could be bothered to assist with the lawn care. Of course, I was also fooled by those magazine stories where young brothers assisted older ones with household chores and washing their vehicles for field service.

  • FadeToBlack

    Perhaps the elder body decided it would allow the 'friends' to spend more time in service. Or perhaps one of the elders owns a lawn service business.

  • blondie

    Now I have heard of this in some congregations where the brothers are all over 75.

    One congregation had the sisters do it secretly, after several brothers wrecked the mowers playing around.

    The local BOEs tend to see this as an opportunity to evaluate who is qualified for more advanced privileges

    The rules were no unbaptized males, no women of any kind, so they got a baptized brother, removed as an elder, who brought beer with him (the neighbors saw that)

  • sporece

    Probably the lazy elders came up with the great idea that the hours mowing the grass would be more productive if used knocking on doors or standing at a corner with watchtower publications and saving lives.

  • skeeter1

    There is alot of liability in cutting yard. Get hurt, and you could sue the KH and WTS. Just saying . . .

  • Divergent

    Blondie: "The rules were... no women of any kind"

    No such rule where I was. In fact, any help was welcomed. I wonder where the bro's in your area got their "rules"

  • blondie

    From the CO, he saw a sister mowing and had a conniption fit. The rule now is that there must be 2 people there in case someone gets hurt, but sisters can do it now since that CO has moved on.

    I have seen congregations allow unbaptized men, just studying, mow rather than let a sister mow.

    Same congregation let 10 year old boys (not baptized) sit by their elder dad and do the time the talks at the school.

    Added: It is amazing how it doesn't require a baptized brother to clean toilets, vacuum, etc., and now mowing, but a baptized male only can do sound, stage, mikes, territories/literature. I wonder what scripture that is.

  • Zoos

    I have no doubt after 5 years the composition of that congregation may have changed slightly, but not enough that there are no qualified brothers to take a mower out for a walk. This is not a city environment. We ain't no sissy city slickers. We's rednecks... with trucks... and lawn mowers and trailers. You can't tell me there ain't no gooder opshuns than bringing in worldly people.

    Fade to Black: perhaps one of the elders owns a lawn service business.

    For a second I thought maybe... but I recognized the name of that landscape company and I've met the guy who owns it. Big 'ole nasty redneck with a big 'ole nasty white belly. And he has facial hair.

    And he spits!

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