not till after the meeting.....

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    I kind of liked the service meeting-that was when lots of the dumb ass things that happened at doors were discussed, and new light, and people in trouble, stuff happening at hall (nothing really, but life as a JW isboringand that meeting was less so than the WT study or the sun talk or god forbid, the ministry school! OTOH, I was happy to leave early cause then I wouldn't miss Happy Days and I would get to watch Laverne and Shirley. My mom hated us watching 3s company, but we did sometimes (most went over my head, though now it looks pretty innocent-back then it was racy).

    My mom gave up taking my bro to meetings as soon as she couldn't guilt my dad into it anymore. Not sure of timings, but I'm thinking dad went to a few meetings to calm down my mom as 1975 was looming. We were 8/9 that year. I know my bro never went past the age of 10, so I think my dad engineered that-plus he was a hellion. My mom was well rid of him:) And he was well acquainted with the spanking paddle.

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