Watchtower Tells Us "Employers Seek JWs Only" Yet Most JW Employers Avoid Hiring JWs, Why?

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  • NeonMadman

    I only hired a JW once. A young guy, straight out of Bethel. I hired him as a truck driver and delivery man. He was lazy and had a bad attitude, tended to give the customers a hard time to the point where we had customers calling in to complain specifically about him. My boss started putting pressure on me to get rid of him, but I protected him as long as I could. I also tried to counsel him about changing his attitude. Nothing improved. When I finally let him go, he was outraged, and his parting words to me were, "Jehovah will get you for this!"

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    I run my own business and prefer not to work for jdubs. jdubs typically are cheap and think they can do things on their own. Once I told,a witness that I wasn't going to work for him anymore (he was a horrible customer). He took it personally but I continued to treat him (on a personal level) as if nothing had happened. Eventually he apologized and asked if I would accept him as a customer again. (He promised to be reformed). i reluctantly accepted. So far so good. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

    There is a witness mentality that is hard to explain. It's similar to an entitalment mentality.

  • JT speaks-out
    JT speaks-out

    "Blondie: Note though that the WTS only reports pedophiles to law enforcement if there is a secular law requiring them too."

    Even then, they often don't report it. In Australia, we have a mandatory notification law, but none of the abuse I've heard of within the jws here has ever been reported. If a jw elder is the first to here about something, they bully and scare and guilt the kid and their family into not telling anyone outside the congregation.

    Also, the WT story about that made up Mary is stretching the two witnesses rule. All she did was happen to see some records. No other witness saw these records. They'll bend it to inforce their own control, but not to protect the children in their congregations.

  • sowhatnow

    well , like all propaganda and media, what comes off the platform or read in liturature is full of exagerations and lies.

    my husband hired a young jw man who was a freind of my sons, he basically had to babysit him, he did not have enough

    inteligence to perceive what else needed done next, and when finshing a project waited till the supervisor came over and told him what to do next.

    my son seeing how slow this kid was at working told me how lazy he was.

    jw's are no differnt than anyone else, its obvious. they just like to Think they are.

  • GonzoX

    My father and brother had JWs working for them. The JW employees were constantly steeling from the company. One time one of the non-JW workers caught two JWs having sex in one of the upstairs offices. Of course the elders handled it. Because they were witnesses they got to keep there job. The JW workers were not honest when it came to writing up there time to get paid. They always wrote down extra time.

    Later when my brother (who eventually DA) took over the company we would find groups of JW employees drawing up prints for Kingdom Halls, while charging the company for there time. The list goes on. I could write a book about how the took advantage of my father and brother.

    Plain and simply I would NEVER hire a JW. They are the biggest thieves out there.

    Eventually my brother fired all of the JWs except for one. He was the only JW who worked there that I have respect for, and he's not considered to be a good JW by the local congregation.

  • kaik

    I heard mostly horror stories. My friend who is not JW, but has family in the cult worked with bunch of witnesses. They were constantly attempting to proselyte him on the workplace. The sister would use customer time as a field service day and continued to preach to the customers in the store. They constantly complained and were not returning. One elder's wife almost drove one woman to suicide. They worked on the shift, where one was only formally interested in the WT religion. When her interest waned, the sister constantly attempted to use time at work place for book study with her. The other woman was really desperate, she was in her fiftees, economy in collapse and they lived in high-unemployed area in the country which made her immposible to quit. I think it was the threat of lawsuit or the labor deparment that helped the poor woman to resolve the outright hostile workplace abuse.

    My biological sister used her workplace to pass literature even when she was forbidden by her employer. Later she worked for elder who did not paid her and had on her name borrow money for business and inventory. She spent years paying them off, dealt with tax office, and never saw dime from the guy. But at that point she did not talked to me, so I did not foot the bill.

  • Vidiot

    So all the "awesome JW employee" stories were pretty much horseshit.


  • BucketShopBill

    Hi, the point I wanted to make is this, we were bombarded with lies from Watchtower's Regional and Local Servants that tell whoopers! Who do you think told the Regional and Circuit-level men, filled their brains with plenty of urban myths that Employers say "They look to fill their jobs with JWs because their all Top Notch Workers"? If we closely read their own literature, one can spot the half-truths presented to us and the public. Why do we need a written contract or legal documents if the word of a JW is worth it's weight in Gold? There is no need of legal agreements because each side, the employer and worker is going to live up to their prearranged agreements, right?

    They lied when they said things like "Most Employers favor Jehovah Witnesses because they are the most honest workers there are! I think BillytheEx was dead on, his words were something like "Good employees work hard whether their JWs or not JWs and would be good workers if you took the JW or put JW in them" I am not saying "all JWs are bad workers", the goal of the "Thread" was to ask you if you heard this non-sensical rhetoric spread by the Watchtower's propaganda machine and what was your experience with JW workers? I did not wish to hammer JW workers because many are great workers, it's the "All JWs are good workers" fallacy I was attacking. Crofty taught us to watch out for words like "All" because you will soon be entering Logical Fallacy land! Thank's Crofty!

  • ozbrad

    My parent used a sister who was a paralegal secretary to do the bookwork on an inheritance they got when my grandmother died.

    She knew how much they got so hit them for a loan of 40 grand promising to pay back with a high interest rate.

    She also got her aging parent to remortgage their house and ended up losing the lot when her investment in a business went belly up.

    I think she lost nearly 200,000 altogether.

  • ozbrad

    Forgot to add she came crying to my mum and dad to confess she'd lost their money and said they could have her 10 carat diamond ring as collateral till she paid them back. Mum took it to a jeweller to have it valued and they said it wasnt a diamond and was worthless.

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