Watchtower Tells Us "Employers Seek JWs Only" Yet Most JW Employers Avoid Hiring JWs, Why?

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  • BucketShopBill

    Here's a thought: we're told over and over how employers sing the praises of their JW employees, sometimes with a vague quote about how 'if we could only hire JWs, we would as they are so honest'.

    However, while some JW employers themselves may hire JW employees (usually cheap entry level positions), most don't. In fact, many JW's in general who have businesses have a rule NOT to do work with JWs, even those in their congregation.

    Something doesn't jibe here: could it be that JWs aren't the shining beacon of employee model that they want to project? I've had JW workers in construction show up late, or not at all, with no real excuse and no big concern about disappointing me. Some have asked for payment up front because they're broke (usually a sob story is involved) and then don't finish the job. One contractor was on his phone all the time, all day, while billing me as if he'd worked through.

    The one JW employee that I hired on a permanent basis (when I was new at this and hadn't figured it out) constantly wanted time off, saying it was for service, but often it wasn't (she'd go to the lake). Even the elders asked me to change her hours on the months she auxilliary pioneered to help her out. She also sulked when asked to make minor corrections, avoided answering the phone, and took longer than agreed breaks.

    Others have had similar experiences: I've heard of retail JW's who expect store discounts, who ask for special credit or "a tab". One carpet cleaner I know quoted a price to do an entire house, the JW homeowner agreed, but when he was done, they said they'd pay him when they could, but it would be a few weeks. Problem was, he was counting on that money TOO to pay his own bills.

    This seems to be the most common thread: delayed payment or no payment at all. I"ll never forget one sister telling a mechanic that she needed work done to get to the convention, but when it came time to pay him, she sighed heavily and said "well it's this or the convention...I guess we'll miss out on all that spiritual food". Yeah, adding a dose of guilt to being rude.

    JW's know they aren't going to get sued by their brothers, and they treat them less worthily (on both ends) than a worldly person. Because they can. Because it happens all the time. Because if you complain, it opens up a can of worms that makes you look bad.

    Any thoughts on this? Or is this just my experience?

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    I think it can go either way. I know some JW's who employed other JWs with no problems. I know some who have nothing but problems. I know some non-JW employers who don't hire JW's. I know of places that love to hire JW's. In my old congregation a medium sized business loved to hire JWs. Many worked there for years and I guess it worked out for everyone.

  • hoser

    I know an elder that has a business and hired a jw couple to work for him from his congregation. She(pioneer) as the office manager and her husband(elder) as a tradesman. She was in charge of payroll and was writing reaaaaly big paychecks for her husband. This went on for a couple of months before the "worldly" accountant notified the owner that there was a major problem.

    The elder called them out on it but they denied it. So he went to the other elders and they even got the CO involved. What it all came down to was that the business owner was out the money because they were having a hard time making ends meet and the employees both got to keep their titles in the congregation as elder and pioneer.

    Thats why I'll never hire jehovahs witnesses

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I've seen some JWs do okay working for other JWs, and I've seen some JWs become awful employees.

    The typical excuse for the terrible JW employees is, "they're still just imperfect humans."

    That completely crushes the idea of there being any "spiritual paradise" or "da troof changes lives". Fact is, the good JWs would still be good people even if they weren't JWs, and the bad JWs are completely unaffected by "holy spirit" or magical "new personalities."

  • StAnn

    Good points, Billy.

  • Hairtrigger

    This is from an elder in S. Ca. who ran his own carpet cleaning business. "Rugdoctors", if I recall correctly. " Never hire a JW. They make the worst workers. They are lazy and take too much for granted."Now this might have been a sweeping statement on his part, but he was expressing an opinion held by quite a few in that same congregation.

  • Mum

    In the '70's, a couple of pioneer sisters from a neighboring town worked part-time at a restaurant not far from my home. They would stay at my house overnight when they worked. One of the sisters told me that her boss told her that she was the only person he knew who would come in to work 2-4 hours and ask for one hour off.

    JW's are no different from other people when it comes to work. Some are great. Some are shiftless and lazy. Even JW's are individuals to some degree.

  • JT speaks-out
    JT speaks-out

    Someone in a nearby congregation (I think he was an elder) owned a book binding business, and he only employed jws. I heard it was a horrible environment to work in because everyone was looking over everyone elses shoulders all the time making sure they were all behaving like good little jws. It was a breeding ground for gossip and rumour. Someone I knew hurt herself at work (I think she dropped a heavy tool on her hand, or something similar) and everyone reported her to the boss for swearing. The boss in turn went to the elders in this girl's congregation.

    All she said was "crap"!

  • WTWizard

    Too many of them waste time. When I started, there was a little group of jokehovians, and they frequently wasted more time arguing about stupid doctrines than getting any work done. They tried dragging me into the argument to settle it, and I told them that, if it meant that much to them, to go to the official source because I could just as easily be wrong. They were also lazy, doing a pxxxpoor job half the time. I saw one munching on bulk candy as "quality checks", which was another name for stealing. (This happened regularly.) This scumbag ended up getting caught sleeping on the job, while claiming it was for cleaning up a broken glass spill "off the clock".

    In due time, most of them simply quit (or got fired for stupid things). I am the only one of that group still working for that company, and I no longer worship joke-hova. And, now that I am free from that jokehovian smut, I no longer need time off for Grand Boasting Sessions, I can work around Christmas decorations and music without issues, and I no longer have to rush home so I can get out in field circus on time.

  • LV101

    I had nothing but bad luck hiring witnesses with the exception of one! They have attitudes and have been told they're the great people and their doing you a favor by showing up. I knew an elder who hired a boatload of them and they were always lying to him and calling in sick to go have fun at the lake, etc.

    The PO of my congregation even warned me to avoid those situations. The cult should teach them work ethics rather than talk about blather because they've not been raised knowing the difference.

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