Obama Calls For Collectivized New World Order

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  • Maranatha

    No surprise here. The Bible tells us that a new world order, a one world government will be in place at the time of the rule of the Antichrist.

    There will also be a one world religion, in which the Pope seems to be working on that one and a one world economy. All of this is in the Bible about the last days.

    In 1995, The State of the World Forum was formed and still exists today. At that first meeting, proposals were made to have a global economy, global language and a global religon among other things.

    The clock is ticking boys and girls...

  • designs

    Why is it the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals are so against Women's Rights, Equal Pay, Voting Rights protections, Environmental protections, Fair and Honest practices in Business, the non-profits, and government.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Lack of education. Living in isolated worlds. Lack of compassion. This sounds like an old WT. Many politicans who have served many years have decided to seek second careers b/c American politics is so fractured today. Bipartisanship is dead. All around the world current events indicate civil wars and strife. Yet those who don't read a decent paper or watch 10 minutes of TV news worry about collectivization. We face the opposite problem. It is happening in the Information Age. It is sad.

  • race andros
    race andros

    I was curious as to why so many here quickly trash all belief system for one in particular, atheism. Now I totally get it. Any research will reveal leftist politics tends toward clueless socialist ideology. What a relief, I know where my time will be better spent now. Thank you all so very much.

  • BizzyBee

    You're welcome.

  • designs

    Bizzy- lol

  • Quarterback

    We need Jack Baur. He can fix anything in 24 hrs.


    What if Jack Baur And Jack Reacher her teamed up?!?! Anyway, it's the same old crap.


  • LisaRose

    I was watching an old Twilight Zone from the sixties. They had an episode about a conspiracy theorist who spent all his time reporting on people for being communists, or anything else he considered wrong, he had files and files of people who he believed were evil. He decided he was going to turn all these evil people into tiny humans with the power of his mind. Strangely, it worked, he became two feet tall.

    There is always some person or group that becomes the focus of this type of thinking. It's funny how everything bad in this country that happens is Obama's fault. The republicans didn't do anything about illegal immigration through 8 years of a republican president, then Obama takes office and now all illegal immigration is his fault, as if it illegal immigration just started. Both parties have avoided the issue. People say they can't get a job because of Obama, they can't find a doctor, Obama. They get a bunion, darned Obama! No matter what happens it's Obama's fault. The president simply does not have that kind of power. Even if you believe he is the worst president in history, he simply can't possibly had done what has been ascribed to him, nor is he capable of any vast conspiracy, his powers are limited.

    Bush started two futile, expensive wars, and the economy tanked under his watch, but he is fine, people will still blame Obama for every bad thing for another twenty years.

    In my book, he did some good things, made some mistakes, at least he didn't start any wars (so far anyway). He has no super powers.

  • smiddy

    One of Australias most widely read columnists ( Andrew Bolt ) according to the paper, The Herald Sun . who publishes his articles , calls Obama the weakest president in American history , I presume regarding his record in foreign policy.

    So in veiw of this : " Obama Calls For Collectivized New World Order" How do Americans on this board veiw Obamas presidency to date.?

    Is this a realistic goal ? or is he just trying to deflect the heat off himself over perceived failures highlighted by his opponents .

    Noting that politicians of every persuasion use "spin" doctors for their own advantage .


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