New Article in JW.ORG "Should Christians Drink Tea?"

by EdenOne 39 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • jgnat

    Not to mention the occult connection with loose tea.

  • LisaRose

    This just shows how you could take just about anything, selectively quote some scriptures, misquote some historical references, spread around some logical fallacies, tie it up with a bow and voila, 8 million people would immediately believe it and stop doing it, because it "goes against their conscience".

  • DwainBowman

    That was good! It had me laughing, because I could see some of the reasoning the borg would use. But I think they know better!


  • blondie

    Official Mormon doctrine: members cannot drink tea, coffee, caffienated beverages, alcohol....what is their reasoning?

  • sowhatnow

    i love tea. must have 6 cups a day.

    You know I always ponder stuff like this.....

    who thought of taking a plant picking off the leaves drying them and soaking them in water and drinking it? who thought of

    picking beans and 'roasting' them?

    who thought of taking a plant pulling it out of the ground , discovering it had a big orange long root, , and eating it, and then calling it a carrot?

    who thougt, gee I wonder what will happen if I take this plants leaves and dry them and inhale the smoke from burning it. hey I feel silly.

    hey, lets smash these little bunch of round things and make juice.

    oops dad died eating poision berries, wont do that now.

    oh my look at this watery plant, it heals my itchy rash.....

    there must have been angels showing humans how to do everything!

  • sparrowdown

    jgnat- by 'loose tea" do you mean slutty tea?

  • sarahsmile

    Send your article to the SDAs!

  • HeyThere

    Sowhatnow...LOL!! I have so many of those moments!

  • Pacopoolio

    sowhatnow - many foods were no doubt discovered by desperation, accidents, and experimentation.

  • EdenOne

    Let's not forget the connection of tea with the obscure cult of teaism ...

    Teaism => Taoism .... no proof whatsoever offered to backup such an omnious claim. Plus, "teaism" is an invention :P Yet, when you read it in the middle of the flow, one just tend to accept it without much difficulty.


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