Article on self-righteousness written by one of the conscious-class?

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  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    Great article I am suggesting it for family worship.

  • Vidiot

    Fernando - "This article seems to read as if written by someone who is at least half awake."

    Doubtful; the WTS has raised "being self-righteous whilst simultaneously condemning self-righteousness" to a goddamn art form.

    And if you're wondering how they hell they can do that and not have some kind of collective psychotic break, well...

    a) I've come to the conclusion that authoritarian leaders don't experience cognitive dissonance the way the rest of us do (i.e. they can simultaneously believe something is true while at the very same time knowing that it's not), and...

    b) one could argue that the WTS has actually had a psychotic break sometime in the recent past...

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    That's interesting vidiot, Please explain the psychotic break.... :-)

  • Vidiot

    It was a joke. Mostly.

    Actually, as a collective identity, many of its actions have seemed pretty damned unhinged to me, recently.

    I sometimes wonder if it's because it's called itself "The Truth" for so many years whilst knowing - on some level deep down inside - that it wasn't.

    'Cause that would definately send me over the edge.

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    Well it really got me a sense there is merit to an episode... since there is so much about face in policy. Particularly since this generation of information has to have gravely affected numbers and drones.

    i know even if people are still at the hall attending .....many are the meeting are doing and believing what they feel and shrug. Even making fun of some of the idiotic teaching. Also everyone I speak to has an elder abuse story or a pervert study.

    it seems 40 something's and down are going to be the undoing of the extreme beliefs. Maybe I am just hopeful?

  • DesirousOfChange

    If that "somebody" in the writing dept was waking up in 1995, let's hope they've packed their bags and moved on with their life by now.


  • Fernando

    "Family worship" Bye bye birdie.

    Very interesting point and description Vidiot.

    I wonder if it is fair to say that under such circumstances as you have described, normal persons would eventually experience a psychotic break, whereas Watchtower hardliners instead hide, cultivate and project their destructive toxicity, insanity and dysfunction?

  • Vidiot

    Very fair.

  • frankiespeakin

    The writer is obviously compartmentalizing his cognitions:

    Compartmentalization is an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person's having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves.

    Compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self states. [1..

    Psychoanalytic views [ edit ]

    Psychoanalysis considers that whereas isolation separates thoughts from feeling, compartmentalization separates different (incompatible) cognitions from each other. [2] As a secondary, intellectual defense, it may be linked to rationalization. [3] Related also is the phenomenon of neurotic typing, whereby everything must be classified into mutually exclusive and watertight categories. [4]

    Otto Kernberg has used the term bridging interventions for the therapist's attempts to straddle and contain contradictory and compartmentalized components of the patient's mind. [5]

  • Vidiot


    Would it follow that the individual who compartmentalizes the most is also the individual who needs the most psychanalysis and therapy?

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