How to Resist Demon Attacks - Caution: Scary Stuff!

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    One under demon attack should calmly, not in hysteria, investigate his house and household articles. In some few cases the house may be the cause of trouble and the best thing to do is move out. Some demons delight in haunting a place. So if you experience trouble shortly after moving into a house, investigate. Was the house unoccupied for a long time? Why? Did people frequently move in and out? Why? Does it have a history of being haunted? Neighbors usually know, though the seller of a house almost always keeps the fact concealed.

    But if a house has a clean history, instead of moving out, investigate objects in the house. If you at one time practiced black magic, witchcraft or other form of spiritism, did you burn up all articles relating to demonism upon learning of God’s truth? Get rid of every vestige of demonism. What did the early Christians in Ephesus do? On learning true Christianity they burned up all their magic books, even though their value was an astounding 50,000 pieces of silver! (Acts 19:18, 19) It would have been exceedingly dangerous to keep such works on how to perform the magical arts; in fact, to keep any appendage of demonism is perilous. One must be absolutely free of any relics of spiritism, so as to allow the demons no beachhead.

    A vital question to ask if one experiences trouble with the demons is: Have you accepted any gifts from relatives or persons who dabble in spiritism? Any kind of article from such a person can cause trouble. In some actual cases it has been a radio, a sewing machine, a pair of shoes, jewelry, a “good luck” charm, a bathrobe, a blanket, a book. One woman had her bed tipped up at night when she tried to sleep on a mattress given her by her Spiritualist mother. A young woman had a fever of 106 degrees when wearing a garment given her by a Spiritualist.

    Another Christian woman kept a handbag given her by an aunt who was a fortune-teller. Using the handbag in the ministry, she experienced powerful thoughts of “Go home!” Bad thoughts rushed into her mind almost audibly, all of them anti-kingdom. She could not understand herself, as these negative thoughts entered her mind as if by telephone, so that she complained of “hearing herself think.” Only after getting rid of the handbag did she get relief.

    Sometimes keeping a letter from a spiritistic relative has brought trouble. Some persons have reported gaining relief by burning letters from relatives who dabble in spiritism. Even if an article from a spiritist is an expensive one, is keeping it worth the danger? One woman was tormented for years by the demons; finally she got rid of many household effects that came from a spiritistic relative. “The material loss,” she wrote, “was worth the peaceful calm that came over our house and family.”

    That objects from spiritists are implicated is clearly evident because relief almost invariably follows getting rid of them. The principle is similar to that used in sorcery, in which the demonist wishing to cast a spell will transfer an object into the possession of the intended victim.

    However, sometimes objects through which demons make contact resist burning, indicating demonic anger at efforts to destroy them. Some persons have found it difficult to burn up ouija boards or books on occultism. Others have reported experiences similar to that of the woman who had much distress at home after wearing a dress originally belonging to a witch. Learning of the source of trouble, she set out to burn it. “We poured gasoline on it, so it would burn quickly; but what amazed us very much was the fact that the dress did not want to burn.” Persist in your efforts to get rid of suspicious objects and relief in some measure usually follows.

    I think I must have been under frequent demon attacks. Every time I went out in the ministry, I always experienced powerful thoughts of "Go home!"

  • fulano
    Less attacks since I left the "truth".
  • _Morpheus
    They actually wrote, published and believed this nonsense.... What a rich spiritual heratige
  • hoser
    Now I know why witnesses from the 60's were such fanatics.
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Isn't this stuff technically still 'doctrine?'
  • Village Idiot
  • Village Idiot
  • Hapgood

    "However, sometimes objects through which demons make contact resist burning, indicating demonic anger at efforts to destroy them."

    This morning I found a memorial invitation that was given to me, it was stuck in the basket that I use for my mail. I thought that it had been thrown out. After writing my thoughts on the tract, I decided it would be fun to burn it! I had a heck of a time to get that one small tract to burn. I was thinking at the time "This must be demonized LOL!!!

  • pronomono
    Isn't this stuff technically still 'doctrine?'

    I would say yes. I've never seen "new" light on the subject, and it's still available on the WT Library. The rest of the article is just as ridiculous.

    .......... This explains so much. Lol



    Jehovahs Witnesses still believe that Sh*t..


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