What if Jehovah's Kingdom really became a Kingdom?

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  • SonoftheTrinity

    I mean what if a government decided to internally deport its Jehovah's witnesses and give them their own independent country. "Here, since you say we are of Satan, we're giving you a few square miles so lets see how much better a job your theocracy does, and this way you can't spread your religion." I'm surprised Russia didn't try that. I always thought that if I ruled a country I would make the Jehovah's Witnesses count the votes since they claim to be neutral.

  • redvip2000

    It would most likely be one of the most poor and backwards countries in the world. A group of uneducated people with basic manual skills. Where are the doctors? Teachers? Engineers?

    Who will run the powerplants? Wait...who will build them? WHo will be qualified to be the entrepreneurs who will drive the economy? Nobody

    A country without an infrastructure to support modern living. You want to see what it would be like? Go take a look at the amish.

  • Calebs Airplane
  • jam

    I would be the same as Utah with a lot of clean windows....

    Seriously they would do well on their own, all the KH building,

    they have the skills...But if you think things are bad in

    the middle east today, let the GB rule over a country..

    Amish people are selfsufficient, right????

  • AlphaMan


  • zeb

    .An island 'kingdom run by the gb you say ..and cliques (tribes) would develop almost overnight. There would be rabid competition for mates and superstitions would spring up. eg. Today a sr is told her dress 'is worldly' take that down the track and she gets told she is a harlot,, a bit further and she gets burnt at the stake. An absloute tyranny would occur among males there would then occur 'tribal' divisions and lots of injuries killing members with tetanus and lets throw in lots of women dying in childbirth.

    Personal dignity would vanish. Lets take away running water, and sanitiary products.

    spot on Alphaman.

  • opusdei1972

    There is a story in which the Watchtower dream of the new world comes true. In this new world, judicial committees can now order to kill persons who disobey the policies of the 144000 kings. These 144000 kings can also send angels to watch you all the time. I don't remember what a witness did, but he had to face a judicial committee in which the elders decided to sentence him to death. Interestingly, after dying he was suprised because his soul went to heaven, instead of being eternaly annihilated in the symbolic Geena. Then he told to Saint Peter: " I come from the earth, in the new world of Jehovah's Witnesses". Then Saint Peter said " Sorry guy, that was the Hell Fire, we made a mistake, now you are wellcome here in heaven".

  • designs

    Just try having a nude beach volley ball game.....

  • hassan73

    They would raise their hands for everything and wait to be called on

  • HeyThere

    Lol yallz cracking me up!!!!

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