Banner seen at convention in Miami

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  • hassan73

    @210...ha..ha.. Thanks needed that. So true

  • Focus

    Clearly, from the border style, the braindead are running Micro$hit VISTA.

    That progress bar is going to stay frozen at 99% for a long while, folks. It's been stuck there since 1873.



    ("XP" Class)

  • Gorbatchov

    It's crazy. I wrote an earlier post about it. Rebranding to JW.ORG, a runaway train.

    Happy my grandparents don't have to see this, old style JW they were.


  • smiddy

    Am I missing something here ?

    Isnt the New Teatament,

    The Christian Greek Scriptures all about ,

    Jesus Christ the King of Kings ?

    And the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to rule for a thousand years ?

    Haven`t Jehovahs Witnesses jumped the gun , and started their religion 900-1000 years too early ?

    The Empathis is on Jesus Christ in the Christian Greek Scriptures , that are in existence today , and not on a hebrew god represented by the tetragrammaton .


  • Pistoff

    "Jehovah's kingdom....404 Page Not Found"

  • Crazyguy

    Why do they think the end is so near, the gb has been telling them that the overlaping generations could go one like for 99 years after someone born in 1914 died at 99 so we got another 99 years to go.

  • AlphaMan

    I no longer recognize this religion.


    So many things about this religion nowadays make it unrecognizeable by those of us who have been out for many years.

  • Vidiot

    If that convention banner pic is a photoshop job, it's a damn good one.

    If it's real, though...

    ...the rank-and-file is starting to enter a whole new level of weird.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Someone needs to Photoshop (I would if I knew how) a photo of the crowd at a Monday Night Football game where the idiot stands there with the John 3:16 sign and put JW.ORG sign in its place.

    And yes, that is what this religion has come to. Cheap, phony, MLM, Amway, Avon marketing to the gullible masses. It is disturbing.

  • startingover

    I was wondering about the quality of this picture. Was it captured off a video that might give it this look?

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