If END is Imminent, Why Witness in Silence in Public Places?

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  • Vidiot

    Darth Fader the Sequel - "Those are smart CORPORATE decisions..."

    Not even that, IMO.

    More like the kind of knee-jerk decisions corporations make when they're struggling to survive in a new environment that they're poorly adapted to.

  • suavojr

    Easy... the COBE told us the answer to that one from the platform a few weeks ago.

    It is because when people walk by and look at the JW's and the literature, Jehovah is analyzing their hearts and determining if they are worthy of salvation during Armageddon.


    ADCMS calls it once again. Giving JWS free reign to "preach" would add 7 million+ denominations of Xianity to the roster. Every individual dub would contradict the "truth" of the next. The GB is trying to avoid a total freaking meltdown of biblical proportions.


  • Ocean1111


    1) If we are preaching with a sense of urgency - a matter of life and death - then why do it in silence, why be passive at this stage in history? Should it not be the reverse?

    2) As the big day draws near, would it not be more logical to up the speed in reaching out to people for them to ACT without delay instead of standing in silence near a display stand of religious literature?

    3) Would this approach send a CONFUSING signal to the rest of JW community as well as to those to whom they have preached?

    #3 - Yes and no. If taken at face value it would be confusing. If ironically Bethel was instead the final apostasy it all makes perfect sense. If Bethel is the apostate signal then questions 1 and 2 logic makes no sense to the apostates at Bethel. More and more it seems Bethel has morphed into an actually purposeful and "confirmed drunk" full blown apostasy.

    The comatose JW street props are further proof of what Bethel really is now.

  • punkofnice

    Gone are the days of zealous preaching. It's fear of 'apostates(TM)' misleading the sheeple flock from giving the Governing Body money to carry on with their paedophile protection racket the 'truth(TM)'.

  • ProfCNJ

    No offense intended to the Organization but I saw no Bibles included in the trolleys or carts at least in the photos shown in the bbc news (see link below).


    I guess preaching of the Good News of the Kingdom should remain centered on the Bible (e.g. NWT). Hence, bibles will have to be displayed as well, then complemented by bible study literatures. We don't want to make the impression that we are just offering published books and magazines, and leaving behind the most important published book in history, the Bible, at least for Christians.

  • suavojr

    JW's are not allowed to display the bible how contradictory

  • Phizzy

    The JW's have been instructed to keep their Bible (RNWT) out of sight, but to give one to a person who requests it. Bibles cost a fair bit to produce, so the WT don't want them picked up for free from a Cart.

    No doubt the JW handing one out will stress the Donation arrangement.

  • ProfCNJ

    Hi Phizzy, on economics standpoint, you definitely have a point for excluding the bible. The Bible Teach Book effectively becomes now as a substibute. However, I don't know how business savvy it is to give away these magazines and books for FREE (without donations)? We are afraid JW members would eventually shoulder the cost of the free distribution.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    It is because when people walk by and look at the JW's and the literature, Jehovah is analyzing their hearts and determining if they are worthy of salvation during Armageddon.

    So the most powerful person in the universe is reduced to analyzing people exclusively through a crappy literature cart??

    What next? Jehovah™ will require any potential convert to Moonwalk wearing one studded glove, then judge them as to worthiness for Everlasting Life™ based on their skill level?

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