Speculation Fall AGM

by Poztate 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • JWdaughter

    I want to show up at the AGM meeting. Ya'all got me curious! I am hijab wearing Muslim, but they should not object to a modest woman in their midst, right? How do I know when they are doing here in the Clearlake/Sagemont area of Houston without getting "into" it with a local JW? I don't know any locally and can't count on a JW to stop by, much less to inform me of something like that.

    Anyone with local info for me?

  • SAHS

    “DATA-DOG”: “I think the CONTI case is priority #1.”

    I think that one change they would love to make in the congregations is to introduce a new, additional contribution box labelled “WT CANDICE CONTI DEFENSE FUND,” or perhaps a more general “PEDOPHILE DEFENSE FUND.” Pretty soon there will be so many contribution boxes that it will make people’s heads spin.

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